Inside The TaylorMade Tour Van

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Grega Perne says:

Did anyone notice the tag on his hat?:)

AntebellumOg says:

I want one of those trailers.

The2goAzns says:

Funny cus the shaft can dry in 2 mins but what about the grip

McIlroyfan29 says:

at 5:20 the other guys is workin on one of Dustin Johnson’s clubs:)

minimattau says:

i wish i could go in that van and make a bunch of clubs for myself. 🙂

Justus Seiber says:

How do you buy the driver heads alone?

Lonny Larson says:

How do you measure Driver Lofts? Where do you get your Measurement Tools?

Lammbugini says:

Very good driver

philmickelsonfan12 says:

@blovanko make a vid of iyt

Taylormadefan 1 says:

Look at the grip drore :000

Drew koontz says:

why does he have an addiass tee shirt on? in the TaylorMade Van???

golferked14 says:

my r9 460 is sweet

lilflabio says:

Are you supposed to have the grips upside down or does it depend on the
players preference.

FullTimeHypocrite says:

300 ti ftw

xoxopusxox says:

Ya gotta wait 30 mins for the grip to dry… hahahahah….

jakeb4813 says:

Adidas owns Taylormade.

2xchrome says:

Does that guy actually put the shaft in his ass?

Eric Wooten says:

@dball820 I would contact your local taylormade rep or the company itself
to find out…

Bill Fill says:

What this guy did in 8 minutes costs people like $50 if they go to
golfsmith and get their driver customized…

liambannin says:

Best job in the world. I’d LOVE to be a custom club builder for a big golf
company like taylormade or titleist!

Don Blair says:

Does anyone know where you can find the specific weight plugs for the 460?
As he adjusted the swing weight he used a half gram plug. I have big mitts
so with a big grip the swing weight is off. No one seems to know where you
can get these plugs. any help would be great??

tigerwoodsfan31 says:

I subscribed, please subscribe back!!

lilflabio says:

How do you get in that tour van. I love Taylormade. I would make a set of
Tour Prefferred irons. An R9 9.5 degree. Some ZTP wedges. An R9 16.5 degree
fairway wood (I don’t know if they make them like that but I would
customize it). A TP 21 degree hybrid.

musicfanUK87 says:

Haha At 1:37 he’s still got the label on his cap! Probably told to wear it
at the last minute to advertise!

itubeutude says:

LOL. he’s still got a tag on his cap.

Bradley Fox says:

Tag on the hat!

AntebellumOg says:

@101boi1 He wanted to return it later.

philmickelsonfan12 says:

@blovanko ok i will whens it gunna be

NickTheGREEK911 says:

Does anybody know how to get a job like that? this is a cool job

timetraveler165 says:

@afromusician1 i dont see that happening in 100 years

forerealz says:

cocky son of a bitch… for taylormade..

iNeRdZz says:

Red adidias belt?? where can i buy those?

Alistair Greenall says:

3:10 advertising ping

bair kothmann says:

adidas owns taylormade

NE Florida Fishing says:

i wish i had that driver…

MrKAPfilms says:

1:12 flight control technology technology? Interesting video though. I love

Eric Wooten says:

Only problem when using directional grips on the r9 and str8 fit clubs is
the grip direction changes when you make adjustments.

golferked14 says:

how many clubs do they acutally make a day in that trailer

SF K says:

where is taylormade company? i wanna see them and i want my dad to be
friends with them so they give me like a sponsor and they”ll give me free
clubs 😀

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