Introducing RSi Irons

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invisaman75 says:

I am waiting 6 months for the next version. They will probably have a speed
pocket off the hosel so my shanks can hit the green. LOL


wow that robot testing stuff was amazing. 

Golf Store Genève - Magasin de golf says:

Introducing RSi Irons from TaylorMade

The new RSi irons from TaylorMade feature Face Slot technology providing
greater consistency across the face of irons giving players improved
performance on off-center hits.

TheJhaley12 says:

I am very skeptical of these irons. EVERY IRON they put out, any company,
is always the longest, the most forgiving and the best, yet every year or
in TaylorMades case every few months they come out with either an iron or a
driver which is again longer, straighter and more forgiving. I just don’t
buy into the hype, I would definitely have to test these myself against my
Mizuno JPX 800’S. I bought my son a brand new set of Wilson D100 irons,
supposedly 2 clubs longer. I hit my 7 iron (JPX) 165, then I hit his
Wilson, a bit shorter because the ball went so damn high so again another
claim that didn’t pan out. I am guessing these irons will cost around the
$1000 range, don’t know that but I’m going to see. 

Ball Striker says:

That robot has a very consistent swing.

Mike Rohren says:

Why is taylormade the most played club set on tour? I will let you answer
that question yourself… I am not about to hate on taylormade, because I
own close to a whole set in my bag and I absolutely love the set I got… I
have an R1 driver which I have yet to hit a club which I can smack harder
on the ball and not get a hook or slice… I also bought the R11 irons
which I loved until I corrected my swing. I love that taylormade is
expanding the game to a new audience, but if you are a 10-5 handicap who
doesn’t slice the ball, all the offset on the clubs that they make won’t do
you any good… I bought my R11’s off their preowned site for an incredible
deal, but it seems like taylormade is claiming all this tour shit when
really they don’t produce any iron that isn’t offsetted….

invisaman75 says:

If Ben Hogan were around today what would he think of these irons?

LoaforDie says:

Reminded me of the Dicks sporting goods commercial, the drawing part that

TheJhaley12 says:

well I was close, the RSi cost $800 but the RSi2’s are $999.99

Dtyler171 says:

I got to demo this iron the other day. Swinging the RSI-1 7 iron 100 mph it
went 170…right around what I do with the Rocketbladez Tour I currently
game. The difference is real though…the miss-hits really do go that far. 

MinAmmo says:

Repetitive Strain Injury :)

Jeffrey M. says:

They’ll be making clubs that swing themselves next month 

GENO Dboy says:

you guys dont think its works ??????????????

nskoog08 says:

Mind you that the robot’s grip wont change with a mishit a human’s hands
WILL turn esp. off of the toe. Not an accurate test. They may be good
just not that good

Golf Buddy says:



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