Iron Swing Basics | My Best Tips For Crisp Iron Shots

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Had my first practice that this work. I am very excisted to get on the range again tomorrow to solidify these changes. WooHoo!!

Jon Wright says:

thanks for another brilliant tip, been having problems hitting my irons as keep topping the ball, will try this next time I'm out on practice ground,

John Villwock says:

Great videos and instruction. I haven’t picked up a golf club since I was 12. I’m now 26 and a week back into it. Yesterday was my worst practice yet. I can home and watched this and the driver video. Today was completely different. With the help of your videos, I’m already hitting 100-150 yards on my irons and 200 yards on the driver, Thanks again!

J L says:

This has got to be one of the best tutorial videos for beginners and intermediate out there loaded with specific tips, each a practiceable drill in a session. Im going to keep watching this video everyday and practice until I get it down before watching the next “hot tip” video. Thanks Clay!

Galax 36 says:

Excellent video Clay. This builds off the straight line release ethos, and after using that I started blocking to the right a little but this video gives the next piece to that how to use the hands. Fantastic can’t wait to blend that in with the new body rotation. Great instruction again Clay your UK fan base will be growing.

Follow Arjan says:

Hi can someone help me – guide me through my shots? I am trying to take part in an amateurs' competition by end of the year – a lofty goal yes but I am taking this challenge. Please comment on my swing and provide any pointers or tips:

Shahid Khan says:

Thank you so much for this great video.

s l says:

this really helped me. But recently I am hitting fades, how can I prevent clubface from opening?

Yang Ni says:

Hey Clay, big big fan, how tight should i hold my irons? Thanks!

Weldon says:

I compressed a mid iron shot very early in my golf game. Best feeling I’ve ever felt. Been chasing that feeling ever since. Getting closer. Thanks, Clay!

Connor Wilson says:

This is so much more helpful than any other iron video I’ve watched

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