Is a Driving Iron Right for Your Bag? // Taylormade SIM & DHY

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Testing the new Taylormade SIM UDI & DHY driving irons to see which is suitable to different types of golfers and needs.

0:00 // Intro
2:59 // SIM UDI
5:58 // SIM DHY
8:19 // Trajectory Control
9:23 // Results & Summary

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



Tyler Tobacco says:

Helped me make up my mind for 2021, DHY it is ?? thanks guys.

Williford Bustin says:

I must be the only person who can’t hit a hybrid but hit irons good

Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe says:

I game a Mizuno mp h5 in the 1 iron. It came with a C Taper 130 X shaft, soon got rid of that broomstick and put an 85g X flex instead. Absolutely LOVE IT. I was never able to work my 2 hybrid consistently. This 1 iron is my favorite club in the bag, hands down. So much grunt, and massive roll out in Links conditions. It's got that lovely 'Mizuno feel' that the rest of my bag has as well. ?

phoward0032 says:

I currently have a 21* Callaway C-Forged driving iron….I bag the 718 AP2 irons. I hit my 4 iron pretty straight/5 yard baby draw around 195 carry. When I hit my Callaway driving iron, it snaps hook every time with the same set up, same grip..etc. I can literally pick up my 4 or 5 iron…hit a shot at the range…swap to the driving iron and it snap hooks. The only way I can get it to get a good ball flight is to weaken my grip completely with right hand on top and left hand no knuckles. With my other irons, this would fade/slice all of them. What the heck? I love the driving iron, I hit it flush, it just keeps going left…any thought? Btw…same happens for me with hybrids…which is why I bought the driving iron.

Monotone Adventures says:

I'd like to see a video on hybrid replacements such as the dhy. Test them out of the rough 🙂

Wayne Small says:

New callaway x forged ut review?

Norman Lang says:

Okay guys.
Everyone wants to see a few shots hit off a low tee.
I'm going to use this club off the tee on tight driving holes or short part 4's.
Missed opportunity here. I would VERY rarely hit these clubs off the ground.

Nikki Sun says:

So maybe off topic, but I kept the mp14, 2 iron, from my last set and use the heck outta that thing. Thoughts?

D Barnard says:

Distance gaps….. What golf is all about… A driving iron must be a replacement for conditions or course layouts. Not as long as possible

B-Mac says:

I game a 3 "hybrid" Gapr Mid, Gapr seemed gimmicky but as someone who hates the look of a hybrid but still understands the benefits the Gapr Mid was a good compromise, good penetrating ball flight, with the help to get it up and a smaller profile look.

Mike S says:

Hey guys, i was wondering, which affects control more, shaft weight or swing weight? I have really light graphite shafts that im starting to out grow because im losing control, could raising the swing weight with lead tApe be the solution over buying expensive heavier shafts?

bretskiT says:

Hey guys, just a slight error in your video. When you go to introduce the DHY for the first time after hitting some with the UDI you show a "UDI" slide instead of the "DHY" slide. Minor thing. I LOVE your vids tho and try watching as often as I can!

GoodLife 15 says:

I don’t need to watch a video to know the answer is yes. But I currently play a hybrid, lol. It’s my second season with it and I’m finally learning how to hit it well

Alexander Palmer says:

Imagine this being your job

Just hitting monster golf shots with super expensive clubs that you get for free

matt slutsky says:

I play a u510 1 iron. Goes 260+ carry off center strikes and 230 ish with heely

fretless 5 says:

It amazes me how much of the Adams Tech they are still using in these clubs! The DHY doesn't look very different than the Adams driving iron of the same name. The speed slots, the weighting, even some of the shape is Adams. That said, thee Adams hybrids and driving irons were ahead of their time and fantastic clubs in their day.

Joe Allen says:

you guys are awesome but what percentage of golfers are as good as you guys are? watching center face perfect swing path strikes is a bit irrelevant for many of us. maybe a second channel lol.

Randy Watson says:

If you’re an 8 or above, the 20degree srixzon is one of the easiest ut iron’s to hit consistently well….for me anyway.

OG Mangler says:

I have 4,5 sim Max 6-AW P790, 54 and 58 milled grind 2 raw.
I play a tight windy course.
Thinking of a 2 iron DHY.
The 2 UDI looks a bit intimidating to hit.

Abe says:

If you CAN hit a hybrid, use a hybrid. Comes in soft and is AMAZING out of the rough. The thing for me is as I started to go from a fade to a draw I started to hook my hybrid like crazy, and now use a 2i. But, even as fun as it is to roast a 2i, I think hybrids are just the way of the future. They are hook machines though for guys who hit draws (notice the guys on tour who use them are typically all faders of the ball). So try them both out and see what works best! But assuming you hit both great, I'd go with the hybrid

allen lallier says:

I’d like to see a comparison of a driving iron and a low lofted hybrid for the purpose of a fairway finder.

Innocent Nyaude says:

As a leftie not based in the big markets I find it hard to get options on clubs. I use a Srixon 3 iron, it was literally the only driving iron in the market for a leftie when I got it

James Ohlson says:

How does a driving iron vs. hybrid work for someone, ie me, that struggles to hit long irons in general. What direction would you recommend?

Mange Larsson says:

The forgiveness is pretty much in the shaft when it comes to Utilitys IMO. I could never use a 20 degree with my normal steel shaft. But with a graphite shaft at 80 grams I just love it. Not much harder to hit than a 6 or 7 iron.

Rob Couch says:

Give me the one with the Hzrdus black. The THUMP doesn’t agree with me

Justin Lippert Triathlon says:

Hey guys love the videos but I have a suggestion which applies to most of your comparison tests – I would like to see how the clubs react to some real Mis-hits. On a mis hit is it going to really hook/slice out of play? Is it going to go 150 yards less than normal or only 25 yards less than normal? Matt’s swing is great for testing with consistent swings. Any club will work with a great swing but for the non-scratch golfers a large concern is how does it fly on a REAL mis hit.

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