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IS IT TIME YOU BOUGHT A MIZUNO DRIVER!?… 2021 MIZUNO STZ REVIEW! Mizuno have always made amazing golf clubs, amazing irons, great wedges, good putters and in recent times even made great drivers, the Mizuno st190, mizuno st200 and new the mizuno STZ… is it about time we started respecting Mizuno drivers a little more? they always perform, always hit longer drives and always come in cheaper than some of the bigger names in the driver market, so who does want a cheap driver? a beautiful driver? a long driver? in this video I test the new 2021 Mizuno STZ driver and ask the question… why don't we take them seriously? let's find out… and let's do It now!


theirishserbguy says:

the mizuno z is more like the sim 2 max than the sim 2 or even the stealth.

Toon Lad says:

When are we going to see the stg220 James?

Mizuno Golf says:

Thank James. If a few people put this in their 3 to test for 2021, will be some surprises. Don’t rule out the ST-X……it’s not entirely what you expect.

David Tison says:

I game the ST180. Mizuno is on it's driver game.

Rob Jelley says:

Don’t see them in as many golf shops

Colin Morgan says:

I meant the x version lol

Colin Morgan says:

If you watch the TXGinterview with chris Vorchel from mizuno they don’t really call it a draw bias but more of a shot shape club not just a bomber

Colin Morgan says:

I’m looking at the 3 wood

John The Plumber says:

My whole bag is Mizuno. Except for driver. Buying the STX next

Paul Scheuneman says:

The shot at 3:54 was a quacker.. look where that thing hits the net and somehow it goes straight 270!?

C R says:

o nice… we all like your high pitch, silly

MrElnuno says:

Can't help but think 1 degree less loft would have produced some better numbers…

Mark Eadle says:

Clearly another video to just fill the 10 mins time slot!!! Could of said that in half the time…

The Golfer's Mind says:

Nice review.

Damien Farrell says:

It’s on my test list for later in the year. Especially given its price point against the SIM2 etc

Eric Baker says:

I ordered an ST200. Played my first round with it today. Consistent driver. Forgiving all over the face, it is. It's the first driver I've used with a carbon crown. I admit that I bought it because I missed out on the PXG 0811 sale but it seems to work well for me. I'm using it in the 9.5 setting and may loft it down a little. Temp this morning was 40F and the course was soggy so I really won't know what it's really capable of for a while. It replaced an R9 and is out performing it already. Mizuno drivers seem to be very underrated.

BigBZ97756 says:

I’ve been a Mizuno driver fan since owning a MP-001 but the ST 180 is probably the best driver I’ve ever owned👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Jon M says:

Put it in your bag for a bit see how you get on 👍

Nixon Gill says:

James. Why not tinker with lofts during the demo. Try and get your spin down.

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