IS THERE A DIFFERENCE?!?!? Taylormade M6 vs Titleist 975D

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Dunn Golfing If Jack Dee played golf says:

That was a good head to head

dustin mcbride says:

great video!

Sean Roeser says:

It would be a better review if he had a golf swing

Fred Frank says:

Over the top swing. I recognize it, because that’s what I do.

Newman Fertig says:

How did you get 15 yards further with M6? Based on drone shot they looked to be about the same. In fact, the 975D appeared to be in summary, further. Also, you practice on the M6 all the time. You just hit the 975D for this it seems. So all in all, I'd say the newer club is mostly BS marketing. Nice demo. I wish you had run the numbers though.

Hockeyboyz1296 says:

for me an average golfer that hits smaller drivers better. Do i want a 500 dollar driver. or a 50 dollar driver that hits it about 10 yards less

Daren Ridgway says:

I have 975d as it's just what's in my bag I got given to start my golf adventure and always wondered if I should get something newer… Not in such a hurry as I'm 26 handicap.

smithlikeswessen says:

I just bought a 975jvs for $29 including shipping. I’ll save my $471 and still play good golf. I almost bought the wood ping eye 2 driver

Cameron B says:

It’s nine, seven, five. Nine seventy five ?

Mike L60 says:

great swing

alexander vogt sanchez says:

If one is able to create speed and solid swing path , you will constantly outdrive others. Take into consideration the ball. Ball technology is the greatest improvement. You hit that Titleist with a balata ball from late 90's and you will be 30 yards shorter than 2019. Same ball different drivers doesn't produce too much of a difference.

Mark Nichols says:

I love the tee shirt! Where can I get one?

ASG Rides says:

The new Taylormades feel and sound like absolute garbage

vietnameeh says:

That titleist headcover is mint !!! I was waiting for you to flip it over lol !

Yo Son says:

Sounds FX are beyond annoying. I stopped watching.

simon George says:

Great content as always how about 40 yards 1 bounce and stop with a few top balls

OriginalVagabond says:

The 983E was an insanely long driver with a sweet spot the size of a dime. But when you hit it, you absolutely crushed it

Mike Causey says:

I still game my 975J-VS and still out drive most of the people I play with. Not the arrow its the Indian.

eco8gator says:

I still use my 7.5deg 975d…

Isaac Smith says:

My go to was the 983k 9.5

Alex B says:

Love the videos my guy but idk why those smack sound effects are there

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