Is there ANY POINT in buying brand-new golf clubs?

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In this video we review the Callaway Big Bertha 23 irons against a set of game-improvement irons from 10 years ago – the Ping G30 irons.

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Thanks for watching our review of the new Callaway Big Bertha Irons 2023.


Chorus says:

After 10 years, the level of any golfer has changed.
So buying new irons is more or less necessary anyway, not to mention adapting shafts to your potential !

ieat caribou says:

Don't listen to the snobby haters, they clearly don't understand that ALL golf club lofts have changed over the years, not just the Big Berthas. This is a great review. This video was reviewing decade old clubs compared to new clubs and it correctly showed the difference (which is the loft). Most companies have increased their loft over the years and this video perfectly portrayed this. Newer clubs allow higher handicappers to hit the ball further and easier since they get more range with a shorter club. Some people just love to complain.

Ken Phillips says:

It's a bit of a truism that simply trading last year's clubs for this year's is not cost effective. However, where would you draw the line? 4 years, 6 years? Darned if I know.

Norman Dowd says:

Only a person who knows nothing about golf clubs would listen to you.

Peter Martinaitis says:

No point whatsoever of upgrading to new clubs unless you have too much money to waste, club fitting is a con , how can you get fitted for a full of irons hitting one club in 1 to 2 hours.

Rudy Mcclain says:

I purchased the new BB two months ago and they are thicker than I prefer but the height and distance are impressive. I traded in my T-200’s which I loved but the BB were 10 yards longer and stopped with no problems. I had to change all my wedges due to the gaps and I’m hitting the 9 iron 150, which is impressive for an old man. I must agree with the previous comment that you can’t compare a new iron to a 10 year old iron and call that a fair test.

Gator Golf USA 🇺🇸 says:


carleast says:

Nice review but the title doesn't really make sense. If you're using 10 year old clubs would you really recommend going straight to a brand new set of £1249 clubs? In reality you should be recommending trying out clubs 2-3 years old.

Adrian Rice says:

save your money buy the older clubs, and get a hybrid for longer shots , you know get a 18 degree hybrid to compare to the 18 degree 4 iron of BB . lofts should be considered to compare irons to irons . IMO of course

brodygoalie says:

Ping g 30 much better spin. If your hitting the green you want the ball to stop sooner than later! Correct. New technology is not working for the average player. I have G25S. Love them. Good lofts on them giving grest spin. Who cares if you are hitting a 7 iron vs an 8 iron. PW vs 9 iron. I want the ball to stop!!!

Rob says:

The most important comparison is the loft, the BB 6 iron was really a 5 iron. A bit misleading but a good review.

adrian lovett says:

The extra difference is created by stronger lofts and less spin , but that means you can hit a PW rather than a 9 iron. But it kind of makes the 4 and 5 iron redundant.
Short game is crucial if you can’t stop your scoring irons on the green … that’s a problem. I have similar clubs T400 but I use traditional wedges from 80 yards to score.

John Saunders says:

Spin rate difference, how does that work? No good hitting it longer into green if it doesn't stop

Josiah Jones says:

18 deg 4 Iron. Lol. That's just plain ridiculous.

Roy Mackie says:

Maybe get a 25 handicapper to test them out. Not many going to blow £1200 on that performance differential

Jeff Nahass says:

Couldn’t you open the face in the bunker? The newer irons are stronger lofted.

Randall Pennington says:

I still have the G30 irons in my attic with regular flex shafts for when I get older and swing slower! I will give my Ping 430’s to my son.

David Goodwin says:

Callaway 7 iron 27° ping g30 7 iron 30.5°.
There your distance. One club stronger.

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