I often this this about all golf clubs but in this case IS THERE DIFFERENCE – ‘cheap’ HYBRID'S Vs Expensive HYBRID'S. Wow I am excited about this one, this is the secret cheap hybrids that 99% of golfers DO NOT Know about! But should be we try them? there are a fraction of the cost compared to a normal hybrid from the big brands such as Taylormade, Cobra, Callaway, Ping and even PXG. lets test the difference between “cheap” hybrid VS expensive hybrid

Know cheap golf clubs are only worth the money if they work right? Lets put this hybrid to the test against my trust ONElength hybrid that I LOVE. It will be so interesting to know what The SECRET ‘cheap’ HYBRID'S go up against an expensive hybrid IS THERE DIFFERENCE – ‘cheap’ HYBRID'S Vs Expensive HYBRID'S? are they worth the money? IS THERE DIFFERENCE – ‘cheap’ HYBRID'S Vs Expensive HYBRID'S lets see how this goes against an expensive hybrid

We are testing the RIFE Rx2 up against my Cobra OneLength hybrid. They performed so good int eh packaged set test we just had to see how far they went out on the driving range!

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10 thoughts on “IS THERE DIFFERENCE – ‘cheap’ HYBRID'S Vs Expensive HYBRID'S

  1. Hi Alex. My dad will be turning 80 in May and he is looking for some light hybrids to replace his irons (6 to 9). His current irons are no longer easy to hit as he gets older. May I know what brand and models of hybrids are lightweight (graphite shaft) and good for seniors. Thanks.

  2. Having just got into golf at 69 in July and using an old second hand set I've been looking to 'upgrade' the Rife reviews certainly have helped thank you.

  3. In Calgary 3 years ago a clubmaker shut the doors and I got clubs made up 5 dollars a piece ,saw a 26 degree wood ,steel shaft ,still my go to club for alot of shots 150 in ,plus nowadays I don't have to worry about my clubs getting stolen.

  4. It’s the shaft all these clubs say they give technology too get the ball in air when it comes too mid high handicapped clubs . But it’s really the shaft that give the balloon affect. Throw a stiff or extra stiff mid flight shaft in there and it will get with the cobra lol

  5. nicely done review!!!!…I am a higher HC golfer searching for a budget hybrid to keep in my bag , as I do not carry a 3, 4, or 5 iron ….recommendations …………

  6. I have a Rife hybrid set of irons from 4 to sand wedge. I am so happy with them, I have a slow swing and being + 60 years of age my game is, stay safe and away from the trees and bunkers. I have found my carry distance for each club and adjusted total distance for ground dryness etc.. they are brilliantly straight and consistent….

  7. I find that 4 or 5 hybrid only give you 10 or 15 yards difference, so I just think one or the other depending on the course I'm playing, but generally I just take the 4 hybrid just adjust the swing, great video again.

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