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► In this video, Joel Tadman tests a new iron that he thinks will be one of, if not THE longest iron on the market in 2021! He tests it up against some of the hottest distance irons on the market, including the Titleist T400 and brand new TaylorMade SIM2 Max OS, but how did this iron compare? Watch to the end to find out.

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Slice S says:

Hit the Wilson D9's at a local golf store Demo Day on the weekend with the Wilson rep. spending about an hour with me. Great service. Compared the D9's to my 5 yr. old Cobra Amp irons which I still love. Irons were very comparable but I found the D9's were a little more consistent with off-center hits. Both clubs launch the ball high so I ended up changing the 80g KBS Max Lite shaft to the 95g KB $ Taper Lite shaft. This brought my ball trajectory down to more of a piercing line rather than the higher sloping line. The shaft upgrade and ball striking consistency of the D9's sold me so ordered a set. Also the D9's by club # were about a club longer than the Cobra Amps. This does equate to hitting a shorter shafted club than the Cobra to the same distance so ideally better control and consistency. Time will tell if my shaft choice and lower ball trajectory will hold the ball on firmer greens. However based on my demo day experience I highly recommend the Wilson D9's based on performance / price balance.

Raymond Duffy says:

Hi Joel, I would like to know how it felt, please, off the face.

Darren Bell says:

Joel your thoughts on these the ping g425 and cleveland hyx irons. I like a smaller head and not lots of offset so which one would your choice be?

Keith Ewins says:

Why not just write the LOFTS on all irons hybrids and woods ? This 27 ° 7 Iron would have been a 4 Iron not so long ago. Keep it to LOFTS only ………………
and it’s a level playing field without all of the EGOS ??

Gavin Cunningham says:

At 27 degree it's a 5 iron

Daniel Cohen says:

Good review, Joel. I liked, "If you utilize a lot of the face on your iron shots…"
Very tactful! Me…I want to get my money's worth from the face of the club. I don't just hit the middle all the time. I paid for the whole face so I'm going to use ALL of it! And some of the hosel, too.

Christher / Svingit says:

27* 7 iron. My 5 iron is 29* I don't have a iron in my bag that matches that 7 iron. ?

Seve Sellors says:

Great review Joel look forward to trying it! Love Wilson.

Diego says:

That “7 iron” has the same loft as my 5 iron.
I can make a longer 7 iron! Just give me a 3 iron and a marker!

tom clegg says:

27 degree 7 iron ..pfff..that's a 5 iron iron in my bag ..?

Kym Stock says:

A test we all would benefit from is a player who swings in the 70-80 mph with his 7 iron, hitting the 4,5,6,7 irons and see if they can get meaningful gapping , descent angles & spin so the ball might stop. Why do we have 7 irons that vary in loft from 34 to 27 degrees? Surely at 27 degrees it is a 5 iron. When will this marketing driven BS stop?

Luke DeVos says:

Please review D9 driver 9 degree so we can see numbers u get

Narendra Dhaneswara says:

Nice review. I like the content.
Its #4 iron is very interesting. Its loft is 18 degree. It is a very good alternative for hybrid replacement.
I'm looking forward whether you will do comparison test on Wilson D9 especially its #4 iron against other competitors which have same loft, 18 degree, such as Callaway MAVRIK #4 iron, TM SIM MAX OS #4 iron, TM SIM2 MAX OS #4 iron.

mariocastillo813 says:

Game improvement and you're struggling to get a good hit. lol

The Golfer says:

Come on Wilson!!

Simon Hague says:

Gotta get rid of the number on the club… just encourages ego

Sascha says:

Shouldn't we finally stop talking about the numbers on the club heads and talk instead about the real lofts? We all know, that this manufacturer cheat with the nubers.

Nelson James says:

That is a 5 iron. Lol..what a joke.

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