Is Tiger Woods Finally Back? – ESPN First Take

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Andrew Sundberg says:

These clowns should not be allowed to talk about golf. So let me get this
straight, Stephen A thinks it is shameful for Tiger to promote himself,
which by the way he defines the announcement of his new swing coach as
promoting himself in this conversation, he shuns Tiger for taking the
spotlight when he is not winning majors yet when LBJ isn’t winning…..mere
bag of shells, Stephen A calls him a genius businessman, he gives LeBron
credit for fully utilizing his stardom and ability to promote his
brand…..but Tiger does it…..completely idiotic, not only should he not
promote himself, he should tell the media to go away and stop giving me
attention…..nice logic Stephen A…..

asianfireflie says:

Poor tiger he just got a 77 last place score

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