Is YOUR Golf Grip Right?

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Is YOUR Golf Grip Right?
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31 thoughts on “Is YOUR Golf Grip Right?

  1. Sorry but can’t really agree with this neutral, weak, strong grip and ball
    flight left or right relationship. It’s much more simple than that but you
    have to look at it dynamically. Because you have, or at least should have
    lag in your swing, i.e. club handle first, shaft flexes and that squares
    the club face out when you have “strong grip” to start with. If not, then
    your’re face is open at impact. Very good explanation is found in Shawn
    Clement’s videos “knife the grip”, “grip and swing awareness”, “grip and
    compression” etc. Think dynamically, not statically!

  2. Best explanation of weak and strong grip i have heard yet, great video – my
    grip is neutral dead centre and i hit teh ball absolutely straight, it has
    been like pulling teeth to get me to shape a shot (in fact cant play at
    the moment because it messed up my elbow trying to curve the ball on the
    range) – however, i did go through a phase of hitting irons to the left off
    the tee, nothing to do with grip just stupidity, lifting the ball off the
    ground was introducing a different lie angle and so the loft was pointing
    to the left even though the face was square, cured that now by making sure
    the club is level :-)

  3. Good vid, the key for me with hitting high draws is actually weakening my
    grip up. This is counter to the conventional wisdom but is perfectly
    logical to me now that I know the ball flight laws. A draw must start to
    the right of the target first and foremost (open face), then have the
    inside-out swing path to bring it back. The majority of people I see slice
    the ball have strong grips! they are starting the ball slightly left of
    target (closed face) but have a massive out to in swing.

  4. What is better or why do or should people use the Vardon grip or
    interlocking grip,which is the better grip, I have XL glove size and I use
    Vardon or over the top. Cheers

  5. Great video Rick. I’m a RH handed golfer, my LH is a little strong/ over
    the top, RH is a little weak to neutral. Tend to push twice as any as I
    pull, which doesn’t make much sense. Sometimes get a fade/slice in there
    but that’s mainly my out to in path which is top of the list to fix over
    winter. I do feel I’m not closing/ straightening the club face enough
    through impact but when I try to do this it’s very erratic.

  6. Been working on much more neutral grip for 6 months. Understood i have to
    except some poor scores to get better to get down to low single figures on
    a more consistent basis.
    Now able to hit higher ball flight as required. Still not happy with the
    driver as can regrip during backswing. Also may need to adjust my loft at
    some point. Working with a senior PGA pro coach that i trust & have banter
    with & caddy for has been well worth the effort. Would like to use a launch
    monitor, but as hav’nt really reached Norfolk yet may have to travel. Be
    fun to get up to Manchester & maybe take on Rick, Pete & Rob. Cheers Guys
    great content as always.

  7. my grip is actually my greatest weakness. every time I grab the club I feel
    like gripping it differently than the shot before. quite annoying. but then
    again, if the grip is like I want it to be I know for sure that the swing
    and the result will just be what I want. it’s kind of magic, it’s all in
    the grip.

  8. This was a really learning video. Awesome!
    I have problem with my swing path going too much from the inside and
    therefore making a push or most of the time a draw. And to neutralize it i
    have to change my swing path and to change my swing path, i just realized i
    have to change the grip! Thank you +RickShielsPGAGolf ! PGA Tour Here i
    come! haha :D

  9. I take the club inside and feel like I’m swinging to the right on the
    downswing. This gives me a straight, powerful shot with a little draw. The
    club looks a couple of degrees hooded but the ball flight is good. If I set
    up with a square clubface I get a fade or a push. I have a very strong
    grip. Any ideas would be welcome.
    Thank you,

  10. Nice video rick,for a long time I have used my right hand(I’m a right
    handed golfer) to manipulate ball flight instead of closing/opening stance
    etc. Is this a common practise with professionals or is it less consistent
    because of the need for timing to be spot on etc.many thanks.

  11. Great vid, Rick. Gives me encouragement to use more control in that part
    of the game, and to perhaps use the ideas you’ve presented to hit shots
    that are more specialized, ie: hard slice/hook around a corner/out of
    trouble. Maybe cover dynamic loft in a similar way in a separate video?

  12. That is such a great tip. I used to be a chronic slicer and I thought that
    I was coming over the top all the time. A friend of mine mentioned that my
    swing path was okay but my grip is in a very weak position. I adjusted my
    grip to a slightly stronger position (two knuckles visible) and pointed my
    left shoulder slightly to the right and I started hitting more draws.

  13. That’s a brilliant video. By far the best ‘grip’ video that I’ve seen. No
    fancy words that one understands just plain and simple instruction with
    fantastic results. What more do you want!?

  14. I find that if I have the same grip for all of my clubs I don’t hit the
    ball well. I push the ball with my long irons using the grip I would use
    for a 8 iron. So I have to strengthen my grip to get the ball starting on
    line. Then I have the opposite problem with my driver. 

  15. My grip is same as yours Rick slightly strong left hand slightly weak right
    just feels right somehow. Hit mainly soft draws so quite happy with it.

  16. hi Rick great tip, for me this show is that you have removed one of the
    variables. I am an 18 handicap and after checking my grip it is neutral,
    but i still have a tendency to cut or in some cases slice the ball. I feel
    when i do slice the ball, its my hands that are very quite. Am i opening a
    can of worms by trying to rotate my hands through impact to straighten the

  17. Hi I am a regripper any tips on this,left hand moves to right and left hand
    goesto the right,for the driver have too hold off at impact if not a low
    left hook


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