Jamie Donaldson Ryder Cup Winning Swing

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Jamie Donaldson Ryder Cup Winning Swing. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks a look at Jamie Donaldson's golf swing in Hi Speed and talks about some of the aspects that helped him hit the Ryder Cup 2014 winning shot at Gleneagles. Jamie hits some great text book positions in his golf swing that most golfers would try and want to hit. Play your best golf with Mark's easy and fun golf videos.

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fraser carnihan says:

Dubisson please, he got little to no coverage this weekend and was unbeaten.
Gmac said in his interview “probably the best player, I’ve played with
since Rory” coming from a US Open winner praise indeed!
Is there anything in his swing that would make his short game so good or is
it just imagination? 

Matthew Collins says:

Days of small guys gone? Rory, Sergio, Day, theres loads of average height
guys. Its speed giving power….heights an advantage, but not like say

3rdgroove says:

Everyone talks about the textbook. But I’ve never come across this
textbook. Why don’t you write it?

Clayton Landells says:

JD had serious back issues as previously noted. 9 month flat out gym
strengthening his core and only does physio exercises now. Great swing and
awesome self-belief and tenacity.

Jon Gaskell says:

Just as a note, Rory and rickie fowler are both 5 9″.

27G27G27 says:

Really great swing. Makes me want to savor an apple.

I’ve got another lesson tonight, still improving fast, thanks again for the

Chris I says:

GReat looking swing, Thanks for the lesson MC. Congrats UK and Eur., you
all deserved the victory, solid play from the team, quite enjoyable to
watch the worlds best on that stage.. 

Anders Pedersen says:

PLz do J. Rose aswell… he was magnificent this weekend – “why was that” ?

Matthew Collins says:

Ricky Fowler, Dufner, short too!

alestev24 says:

Mark, it was said that Jamie had serious back problems, when he was younger
and was even told by some doctors that he had to quit golf. Do you see
anything in his swing which he might be doing to protect his back?

straight True says:

Such an easy uncomplicated swing. ( easy for him, anyway ). Lots of width
from a’ sort of’ one piece takeaway. I like it.
Is the ‘text book’ you refer to written by Ben Hogan perhaps ?

tuomas seppälä says:

He shot those javelins so good all year long. Impressive!

J@D W says:

Corey Paven’s textbook talks about starting the downswing with the left
shoulder down and moving out. Donaldson seems to have this working for him
with less early weight shift and turn.

rob scouter says:

Hey mark great stuff as usual, what video application or program are you
using on your macbook pro for the golf swings??

Average Mark says:

Did Buzza get the job he was going for? #Steve’s-Suit

malf1969 says:

please do Martin Kaymer as well 

Rob Roth says:

Great morad swing!

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