Japanese Caddies Are A Tradition Unlike Any Other | EAL in Japan

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EAL and golf course shaper, Benjamin Warren, tee it up at Narita Golf Club in Chiba, Japan. A few guests on the course share about golf in Japan and how the game is played there.

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Videographera | Colt Knedler & Stuart Kerr
Editor | Jack Eve

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Japan Car Direct says:

Got drunk and stole tees? Golf global act the ass local?

Patrick Yeh says:

Pocari Sweat is like Gatorade and Powerade, but without the flavors. They’re a big sponsor to major sports events in Asia. Hope you liked it!

Patrick Ellison says:

In Ireland 4 hours for golf good meal and few pints of Guinness

TheSakuraDragon says:

This dude no joke got a hole in one on my favorite hole ever on my local course. Number seven if I do remember, stream before it. It's either that or the hole either before or after it where the drop was so hard to see that they had to mark it with a post.

I love that course.

BigBaw OrderOfMerit says:

Awesome film. As always. Why is the grass so pale, I genuinely thought it was artificial first time watching this.

JRS says:

i was hoping the caddy would sprint down the fairway after you hit and stand next to your ball 🙁

Russell Gilder says:

Didnt expect the Zenith Chrono on the wall either. I wish Omega made more branded golf gear. I'd be all over it.

Duncan McLeish says:

"Heres the thing too though, I don't have a lot of tees…so this is helpful" Best part…love all your videos.

Oliver Southwell says:

Erik, random question but what brand are your sunglasses. they are awesome like the videos, keep it up (y)

Eddie Hearns a sellout says:

3:45 sound like a puppy wtf

This Iz CLE says:

Coming g from a caddy…..there is no way they could caddy better than me

Riley Petrando says:

How old were you when you got the tattoo on your hand and how’s that going

henry rummins says:

Best golf channel on youtube by far, the Scottish videos are the biz!

Nick Leevathana says:

production on these vids is top notch

john stone says:

Amazing and very tranquil looking course

Beat The Bookie 24/7 says:

you gotta start to add in the description of your clothes and accessories (sunglasses, hat, etc) with links as to where we can get them. I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

Tanner Borud says:

You're giving me a real Dax Shepard vibe in this one…. lmao

Trevor Dickie says:

How long ago was this filmed? What time of year was it?

Joshua Hamilton says:

I think everyone's game could benefit with a happy Japanese lady cheering them on

Mike Ritchie says:

Another great video! What is the name of the song???

Anthony Michael Knipp says:

Colton is back, and all is right in the world.

Josh Jackson says:

One of the coolest looking courses I've seen. Looks like an elegant video game course.

tmh44 says:

Awesome stuff–I dig the dry fairways and green greens, Japanese efficiency at its finest, save that water!

Bustaferrari says:

Must have people steal clubs before. Cool video, would love to chill and eat and play instead of rush to get through fucking USA

JNeuel says:

Your drone operator gets some seriously amazing shots. Another great video Eric. Thanks again.

Paul Obrien says:

Why does the white ginger American born and raised sound like he's an albino Japanese man ???

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