Jim Furyk Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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Jim Furyk at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota


박순규 says:

변형된 오버래핑그립이라. 약지,소지.. 둘다 왼손가락위에 얹이네.. 특이해 ~~

James Ring says:

you cant really quarrel  with the results jim has had in his carreer. he has a flexible body to accomplish his swing.  I wouldn't try it for myself as I am not that flexible. You never know about that however until someone shows you.

Raul Duke says:

seems to be poor for distance, but my fuck is he ever accurate. numbers don't lie.

Joshua Mccraney says:

sorry but it is a well accepted fact the swing is poor when compared to the model. also, the mechanics detract from potential energy, as his swing is not planar, and thus he loses forward momentum. ben hogan verifies the concept

wolves2314 says:

In the description it says this course is in Minneapolis, but it's actually in Chaska. Just saying

Raul Duke says:

@EagleLC21 I bet if some golf channel host had this same video on his show. You would eat up all the good things that host would have to say about Jims swing. Go back to your hole under the stairs.

Raul Duke says:

@EagleLC21 oh it works just fine. if you think this is awful you are fucking blind and know shit all about a golf swing, shitforbrains.

vincenzo130879 says:

Don't try this at home…..!!!!

Mox_au says:

another octopus just fell out of a tree

monez14 says:

Hazeltine is in Chaska isn't it?

michiganfan725 says:

@EagleLC21 /watch?v=cTuTrpWCZhU

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