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fernando arin says:

Seria bueno que los subtitules en espaƱol

Fred Ferrell says:

That was a great story!

Ben Hogan's Letter Lessons says:

It is all technique. Christo, you brought in folks that were in the mist of the best ball striker ever. That was a great clip. He is just one delightful person. Mr. Hogan polished his techniques. I guess you can call it a secret or secrets. We have folks like you and Jody to help us decipher improper moves that sets up bad techniques.

J@D W says:

Back in the day, we'd just dip the taped shaft in the gas can. The pro I worked for was a Hogan fan and kept advising me to roll the forearms, pronate back and through. I didn't take to it, but I read the other day that Hogan's secret was post impact pronation of the left arm, according to Byron Nelson.

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