Jon Rahm | Swing Theory | Driver, iron, wedge

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Take an enhanced look at the golf swing of PGA TOUR and DP World Tour champion Jon Rahm, with analysis from CBS Sports and PGA TOUR LIVE Commentator Mark Immelman, including a deeper breakdown of the nuances of the Spaniard’s driver, iron, and wedge swings. The Arizona State University Sun Devil is also a major champion and was a member of the last two European Ryder Cup teams.

0:00-0:54 Intro
0:54-4:17 Driver – Back
4:17-7:49 Driver – Side
7:49-10:34 Iron
10:34-12:19 Wedge
12:19-13:04 Close


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Lucas Carman says:

I’m just gonna say John Rahm is definitely more than 220 pounds lol

Bryan Hsieh says:

雖然很強,但您的swing 真的難看。

Walter Copus says:

Watched a woman's fast pitcher with same delivery. Joan Joyce threw 100s of no-hitters with the whip action. Very constitant with less movement. Never any injuries.

Chris Schultz says:

Love this video. Thank you

Manny Colorado says:

Jon Rahm making dad bods great again.

One time for the average joe who cant rotate like the pros do without bulging a disk. This gives me hope 🙏🙏

Nameless says:

more of this

rowen says:

mark immelman has the best voice

Old Ben says:

his clubbed right foot allowed him to create one of the most cheat code backswings ever lol dude is insane

Richard Dio says:

I will work on this because I am 73 I cant get all the turn in the back that I used to but see this power I realizing I don't need all that turn.

Corbin says:

His swing is just so simple. There isn't a lot of room to make mistakes because he leaves his hands infront of his body better than anyone. I truly believe he has the model golf swing for the modern golfer. He will never have any back pain or any issues because of how simple his rotation moves are.

Elvis Presley says:

He's a machine.

beachboy13 says:

Thank you Seve….inspiring the Spanish young guys.

Jospeh Munden says:

So he has a hack on us

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

비거리 보다 방향성ㆍ일관성을 높이기 위해
백탑이 낮고 ㅡ 짧아진거죠

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

존람ㆍㆍ백탑은 본인이 느끼기 에는
오른쪽 무릎 정도 일겁니다.

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

팔로우 스루에서 왼팔이 펴주지 못하고 당겨서
접혀지만ㆍㆍ비거리 10m 늘리기 어럽지요

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

남자선수는 320m 은 넘겨야죠

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

샷 근력 보다 왼팔을 알면ㆍ정타장타는 월등하지

오빠왓다 ^^ says:

왼팔이 궁금한데ㆍ카메라는 오른팔 뿐이지
이것이 비거리 샷분석의 오류ㆍ한계 지요.

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