Jordan Spieth masterfully escapes trees at 2018 PGA Championship

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Jordan Spieth's tee shot went into the trees, but a great recovery set up a par on 15 in Friday's 2018 PGA Championship action from Bellerive Country Club. is the official website and YouTube page of the PGA of America and has exclusive, original video around golf instruction and golf equipment, as well as PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and Senior PGA Championship highlights.


Danny Harkin says:

why does it say even on his score when he has a birdie and all pars? Shouldn't that put him one stroke under?

L. Gyger says:

2:59 Haha, never seen that before 😀

Garrett Murray says:

What a shot from there and able to make par! Wow! ?

Thomas Finley says:

I AM at this and I guess people are paying 114 dollars for nothing

iNIALLator says:

Story of Jordan Spieth’s career: hits terrible shots, gets incredibly lucky and gets away with it.

Ghulam Abbas says:

Genius young man.

mosharybobo says:

Please ban cell phones from golf matches. Look at when he is taking his shot, they are looking at him through their phones instead of watching him hit the shot!! For what? really bad quality video that takes you out of the atmosphere that you are in. Watch the players with your eyes when you are there enjoy the moment. The video will be available for you later. Please people stop this nonsense oh and don't yell after they hit their shot and round of applause will do trust me.

Chris Cho says:

People complaining about slow play are retarded. Pros can take more time on shots than the average hacker cuz they take 20-40 less shots a round. I bet Jordan’s group still finished under time par

HowTo Life says:

Check out these amazing shots from Yesterday!

Chris L says:

All the people standing around filming with their phones makes me sick. You're at a live golf tournament people put the damn phone in your pocket and watch! smh

Sam Yang says:

greatest contribution jack did for golf – introduce slow play to the world and making it okay to do so

김성윤 says:

Tooooooo slow player

Alex Roth says:

Slow greens!!

Toon Linkie says:

Fucking hell just hit the shot Jordan. I like him but he takes way too much time with things like this

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