Junior Extra 2009: U.S. Junior Recap

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Two champions were crowned during the U.S. Junior at Trump National in Bedminster, N.J. Asher Wildman has a recap of the final round of match play.


Leyton Isliker says:

i think this Jordan Spieth guy has some potential, liked the way he played.

Bryce Johnson says:

Oxbow ND! I live like 5 miles from there! ND gets a total of like 3 months of golfing weather, I think she deserves some big props for that.

johnnyboy4444 says:

Did he not shake his hand after the match?

Jackson Yang says:

the great donald lol

Andy Richards says:

The great Donald Trump

Dreama40 says:

This kid will go no where in golf, he will fizzle out. Oh wait!, He went on to win what!!   lol

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