Junior Golf – Having some fun – 11/19/11

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As I work with my junior golfers, it's very important to have some fun with them. I want them to learn as much as they can & it really helps when they enjoy playing this great game.

Here you will see that Sophie is choosing our targets and Emily is counting. By having the girls make the rules, they are having a great time. Laughing is a part of relaxing and sometimes not over thinking. The second part of the video you will see them trying to bounce the ball on the club face. This part of the lesson will build good hand & eye coordination.

Even at times, it's good for the instructor to hit a few shots with the students.

For more information on junior golf, please contact me at Wildwood Green Golf Club.

Thanks for watching,

Greg Greksa
PGA Senior Instructor

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Heidi Haas says:

what a clever little comment @ 44, “You went early….Bad Boy!”…..Nice

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