Junior golf juggling challenge – part 4

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Perre and Jaakko entered the U21 Finnish Championship of golf skills and tricks 2013 with this video. They won.

PS. The original audio track “R.L. Burnside:It’s Bad You Know” replaced by “whisting down the road” due to copyright issue.

PPS. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com


Hannu Lahtela says:

PS. Here’s a link where the kids were interviewed (in Finnish) by MTV3 News
(Apr, 2013).
Before the interview there may be some commercials. Sorry about that.


Henrik Lundqvist says:

Fantastic to see, it makes me happy and full of joy to see the creativity
of these juniors. Congratulations:-)

Peter Bove says:

Great, but you get paid more for knocking the ball into a hole……

Dalton Cunningham says:

Reminds me when I used to be a golf rat, I think I can actually do all of
these still.

joey myopic says:

probably scratch golfers,too

Kalle Tuhkunen says:

Nicely done! There’s some serious coordination skills right there.

chip hunt says:

Great skills guys, keep practicing

Censed Jaguar says:

Lol, good job!

Golf & Ski Warehouse Inc says:

Can you juggle like this?

Golf & Ski Warehouse says:

Can you juggle like this?

Censed Jaguar says:

I can shoot 2 under but I can only do like 15 in a row =D

Golf & Ski Warehouse says:

Can you juggle like this?

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