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JUNIOR GOLF LESSONS ON THE COURSE. Mark Crossfield spends some time o the golf course with his daughter Fionnuala helping her with her golf game and hopefully showing you some helpful dad golf tips for your young golfers. For simple and easy to follow golf tips for golfers of all ages but especially your junior golfers.


Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Paul Metzger says:

Way to go Mark! Really enjoy these videos. So fun to see her marked improvement from the last video

Paul Bannister says:

Good signs playaaa

mike aylen says:

Very useful for me when I take my grandsons out on the course next. Your daughter seems very motivated!

Jerome Hawkins says:

Mark, you're a good dad! My Girl was a 3 letter varsity player in high school! Great to see the young ladies involved in golf. They will make a lot of young men cry out there in their professional lives.,, I cannot wait to hear the stories.

John Garren says:

She’s got so much potential. Really good swing

Skyboxer says:

Love this content. I do love the vlogs also but these lesson/playing ones are just as exciting seeing people improve… and sometimes give me an oh! moment for my own game.

TZOID08 says:

Outstanding Mark…. Fionnuala is doing fantastic !!

videom says:

She looks like a girl mini-Mark! 🙂 great video…there are many parents trying to get their kids involved with the game and you do a great job and a good role model for many of them! And good luck to Fionnuala with her game!

kyshapka says:

Mark, I think you might have a bit of my dream life. Great fam gang, kids playing golf with you even! Great set of mates who share the golf passion, who you can travel the world with to GOLF. Great golfer, teach golf, test golf toys, explore all elements of golf the way YOU want to explore. Damn! Feelin' jelly. Love the vids, always keeping golf FRESH!

Justin Woodie says:

Awesome video! Can't wait until my daughter is old enough to play golf with me ?

hugh jarz says:

leave the kids off the course until the grown-ups are done

Eddie Pabon says:

Adorable. You’re a class act Mark. You’ve also shared a template of how I can grow in the game with my son. Thanks for sharing it.

Simon Sez says:

Great putt on no. 5, new putting God (ess) in the making ??⛳

Paul Gibson says:

Some good pointers for all golfers not just juniors!! Well played eldest ??

gerrymillar46 says:

Positive reinforcement at all times but with an alternative given ie the right way superb dad coaching

Paul Goyette says:

Great father daughter day, good for you Mark! Why is all the grass dormant right now?

script1985 says:

can i ask what age is your daughter as im trying to introduce my 10 year old little girl into golf

ALT GOLF says:

Wow ? she’s doing really well

Geoff Winn says:

Go team UA bruh…. lovely to see you both loving golf together.

Danny DeClaire says:

"dad cant i just go see Uncle Coach for the short game info?"

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