Junior Golf Prodigy

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Hole in One Golf Homes says:

Kid´s & Golf ….


kneckebrrot says:

you are right i started with 13 and now i’m 14 and i have got handicap
16,8!! i also wish that i had started a bit earlier!!!

Jeremy Shaffer says:

after watching this, i quit golf…if i ever golfed against your son, he
would destroy, not to mention hes about 10 years younger than me. I am very
jealous, but proud of you and your son. Hope to see him on tv someday!

mikeeade23 says:

he uses wilson locos


Thanks for your comment, we do everything we can to encourage him in all
his activities. I have seen many comments where people are concerned with
the “parent factor” and forcing the issue. I can assure you that this is
entirely a recreational sport for him. We encourage him the same way in all
sports, and I am proud to say he accells in all of them. We will do our
best to provide the opportunity to succeed in anything he does, it will be
his choice to pursue furhter if he wishes.

theallocator says:


laxsb228 says:

dang. he’s sooo good. i wish i started at that age

JaceP16 says:

holy shit thats amazing hell be scratch by grade 6 i bet

ryedog87 says:

this kid will be off scratch by the time he hits puberty

totallytomtom says:

man that kid is going to kick ***

Cole Athan says:

What a cute kid!


He is currently in a 2 week golf camp at our club. They practice mainly
short game, bunkers and iron play. He is there with 40 other kids. He plays
with the 10-12 year olds and is having a great time. Thanks for your
comments, tou are spot on!

phillysports626 says:

he’s better than some of the guys on my high school team

nicnatali says:

i started at his age but i wasnt that good Driver: Cleveland HiBORE® XL
Woods: Cleveland HiBORE XLS Fairway Hybrids: Cleveland HiBORE® Hybrid
Irons: Cleveland HiBORE® Gold Combo Set Wedges: Cleveland CG 11 Wedges
Putter: Odyssey White Steel Tri-ball SRT (I’m 12 years old)

flyingrossie says:

I wish I would have started that early. I started on a real course when I
was 8. I am currently 12 with a 16 handicap. I am not bragging or anything,
just saying how good that kid could be.

julian bosi says:

sir you should be proud of your son and support him till the day he dies
cause whens hes 18 trust me he ll give you somethjing big in return.


he has a natural ability to hit the ball, we just provide the opportunity

lovehocki says:

i love this vid… nice job dude. see you on tour 😀

kkmaul says:

Wow, that was so great!! He definitely loves it, and hope you both have
years of fun with it. My son is coming on strong the same way – check out
“Little Golfer 3 years Later”. Second time on a course he went par/birdie
back to back. It is so much fun watching them play! Thanks for sharing.

pocock24 says:

That kid is awesome he is better then me (nice chip mate)

drewzyozy says:

man he makes me so SO…. JEALUESS AHHH….!! wow he is soo good and i
thought i was a natruele ps. i cant spell

Nikon05 says:

thats incredible. i cant believe how well he was hitting at at age 3 as


Hello Arcoli, You have the same exact comments as our club pro. With his
fundamentals it will be a joy to watch him grow. Thanks!

Vapor543 says:

lol! all i can say is wow!

JKMneutron says:

3:14 he hits a bomb jesus..

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[…] My son is coming on strong the same way […]

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