Junior Golf Star Round with Be Better

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david chapman says:

Brendon how does the handicap system in the states work – in the UK when you join a club you have to submit 3 cards to establish your handicap then you can submit subsequent cards/play medals to adjust – is it something similar?

david chapman says:

I'm always working on my take away chinese, indian, pizza……

Jake B says:

How is this guy pro? He can't hit the damn ball well…. horrible swing as well

tigerbalm says:

YOur take-away and downswing is too loosey goosey, no tempo, causing your body to twist and do too many things that prevent you from making solid contact.

Austin May says:

You over analyze the golf game way too much. You have the same mentality that you use on the range on the course. When you're on the course you don't need to be thinking about your swing and why you hit it where you did you just need to except it, just because it went bad it doesn't mean you need to make an excuse of what went wrong in your swing. If you keep doing that during a round your never going to be good. It's really annoying to hear that from a grown ass man

James Galvin says:

hansicap? or pro

Jody Costello says:

Literally looks like young tiger

Kyler Cote says:

Do you have anymore vlogs with matt

Jamsdh1 says:

Love the channel. just a thought, the best golf I have ever seen you play was the match against Bobby Lopez, why? because you were relaxed and taking your time. You did the flamingo drill on every shot, and that kept you on plane every swing. In this video you were jumpy and fast, seemed like you were more preoccupied with grabbing the camera to keep up then just playing smooth. Hire someone to film so you can play slower, thus better.

Brandon Ibold says:

"he doesn't hit the ball very far" proceeds to get out driven by 30 yards. he's still growing so that kid is gonna have a bright future with plenty of distance to compete if he keeps progressing.

Carlo pier says:

Were you in Texas?

blumkin stumpster says:

nice video! your phone has great video quality

blumkin stumpster says:

nice video! your phone has great video quality

Z Zach says:

Your shoulder turn on the takeaway is a little flat, just something to consider. Make it a little more vertical I bet you can gain 5-10 yards, reduce coming out of the swing (small hip thrust)

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