Junior Golfer – 15 years old – Orlando, Florida – An excellent golf swing!

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In this video, I was playing golf with a junior golfer in Orlando, Florida. I met him for the first time on January 25, 2012 and was very honored to play with him. As you will see, he's been working on his game since the age of 4. It certainly shows, as he has a very controlled and grooved golf swing. What impresses me the most is the amount of club lag he creates by holding the wrist hinge as he transitions into the down swing. This is very Hogan like. He also clears his hips quickly and affectively while he down loads the golf club. These two items allow this young junior player to be very competitive and very successful in tournament play. I am very thankful to have met him and record these great videos of his swing.

I would like to wish him all the best in golf.


Greg Greksa
PGA Senior Instructor
Wildwood Green Golf Club
Raleigh, NC

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Steve Pete says:

Yeah, amazing amount of lag. And his left foot only comes off the ground
with the driver, when he’s really trying to nutt one. Maybe Sam can give
Jordan Spieth a run for his money in a few years. He seems to be that
talented. He shot a 60 in the first round of the 2013 Orlando City Amateur.

Tyler Munds says:

A couple of really interesting things about his swing. Not really critiques
because he’s a good player and makes it work, but the swing is fairly
unconventional. At the take away, his left arm separates from his body,
which isn’t typical of great ball strikers. He also “over” rotates the hips
in the back swing. You see that left knee bend way in towards the ball.
Very old school. Very much a two plane swing. Dude creates a TON of lag.
Those iron shots are pretty. 

Grant Hooper says:

great swing but what is up with the knees? they are turned inward. what
great ever swung with duel internal rotation, or knees inward? hogan,
sneed, palmer, woods 1997-2007…… duel external rotation….squat, knees
pulling apart. 

Swelex SoSl says:

There is a lot of “Power Lag” in the swing.

larrytry01 says:

so much criticism as long as he is playing great and hes comfortable its
fine have any of you seen bubba watson, arnold palmer, or jim furyk??? 

Justin Roscigno says:

Well he’s almost qualified for the US open, beat Ian Poulter in match play,
won the Florida State Am, and shot 61 in the US Pub Links qualifying. Sooo,
id say he can play

drpepper7447 says:

nice swing great to see!!

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Drops it way on the inside but great takeaway/backswing

Steve Pete says:

Nice looking swing. His left foot is coming off the ground on the downswing
(perhaps an indication that he is keeping too much weight on his right
side?) but then again Scott Stallings (PGA tour pro) does the same thing.
Ahhhh to be 15 and that limber again. Looks like a college golf scholarship
is in his future. Who taught him and reinforced those amazing fundamentals?
Obviously not a self-taught swing like we all had in the junior golfing
scene in the 80’s.

richard prince mqueen says:

little bit over swing lol

Peter Rumm says:

You reroute the club too much gives you lag though but not super beautiful

Sean Ali says:

Great swing but the best part is your setup.

buc4ever19 says:

This kid is one of the top juniors in the world. He shot 61 at my home
course which is a bear, in the florida open qualifier beating tons of
college kids and great players.

karen blanks says:

he lifts his right foot a little to early on his down swing.

golfswingviewercom says:

Super talented! Nice footage.

Nicholas Bunker says:

I bet you don’t hit it far… You need to turn your shoulders a full 90
degrees and you could be hitting it 280

Yannic OP says:

i dont know how good he’s playing but i’d say there are better (techniques)
and more beautiful swings ..

Ramzi OnTheBall says:

He overswings a bit

Smokey Bacon says:

great swing pal hunter mahan like through the ball nyyceee keep working on

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