Justin Thomas Crushes a 250 Yard Drive With a Mini Golf Putter | Golf Digest

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Justin Thomas is one of the longest golfers on the planet because he has an insane smash factor, which is ball speed divided by club speed. In other words, Thomas swings crazy fast and has amazing hand-eye coordination. Thomas's peak smash factor is on par with Dustin Johnson. Golf Digest wanted to find out what his smash factor would be with a kids club, tennis racket, baseball bat, shovel, wiffle ball bat, and mini-golf putter. The results were astounding.

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Justin Thomas Crushes a 250 Yard Drive With a Mini Golf Putter | Golf Digest

Starring: Justin Thomas

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tyler t says:

His swing with the mini-putter was perfect.

Tom Donnelly says:

The sound of the golf ball off the face of his long irons is like nothing I've ever heard. The word "solid" doesn't even begin to describe it. Amazing ballstriker.

zcmelak says:

JT hit a teed golfball for a 500 foot homer? holy shit lol

Aaron M says:

what a pointless video..

Davin Fligel says:

Based on the rules governing CT and COR for Drivers and other clubs respectively it is near impossible to exceed 1.5 smash factor.

DJ and JT probably are within the margin of error at 1.5 using regulation clubs and balls. What you are really measuring is efficiency of transferring swing energy into forward momentum of the strike object. So…. as long as the player exceeds a certain speed and doesn't absorb momentum at contact (loose hands/no lag/arms only/no weigh behind through the shaft etc) you should achieve a smash factor of 1.5 if you hit the sweet spot of the club.

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