Kangaroo Chases Golfers

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The Golfer's were not hitting balls at the kangaroo. Connor was playing his shot when,

A Kangaroo at Hervey Bay Golf Course chases some lads in a golf cart. Maybe a little over the top? james macklin and connor reeves get chased, both have been with aussie golf reviewer and play great golf

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abdou almagro says:

fuck your mother

ha he says:

Why are you so afraid of the kangaroo? You can fight it, let alone you got a golf club.

Dat Bish Ruby says:

The first time I tell your dumb ass to get in the cart, you had better or I will leave you.

crazyberry cherry says:

OMG, I'm dying laughing. LMFAO. the dudes face when he's running to the cart and the other guy screaming lol. whew.

Darkside Gaming says:

That reminded me of the T Rex chasing the jeep in Jurassic Park

Gary Crowder says:

Oh, please!  You'd think a lion was chasing them…

AVinash Goud says:

can make a movie on kangaroo

Eater of Pies says:

Yo, Connor gave me a heart attack just standing there like he was about to Darwinized

MIGSG says:

just punch it in the face.

Fumie B says:

Is like me tryin 2 make it 2 other side of Shakespeare endz.

killa California says:

am I just the only one who would get a puck and roll put of the car like a badass and jump up and just beat the fuck out of it?????????? I can't be the only one who would!!

Alafig The Fig says:

yeah no thanks

Dean Ridley says:

The Most Aussie Thing I've Ever Seen!

Bennett Tan says:

creepy fucks

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