Karl’s 2015 Taylormade Club fitting

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Christian Cunningham says:

So is Karl up to “normal/stock” lengths now?
I imagine he would be close.

David Oliphant says:

What’s Karl’s approximate height?

Aidan Mcauley says:

When will the whats in the bag video be out

Richard Nibbs says:

Interesting club selections. Why the aeroburner over the R15?
Are you giving up a bit of workability in favour of forgivness by moving
from the TP MC to the TP RSI?

John Smith says:

How did Karl get sponsored? Was it through his performance in a specific
event or did you contact taylormade and provide something like a resume?

RastaGolfer says:

Does Karl do golf specific workouts? I would imagine that his swing speed
is that high at this age because his entire life he’s been developing those
golf muscles just by playing. If he’s not working out will he in the

Austin May says:

Did Karl get those clubs at a discount or for free thanks Paul

-Austin May

Richard Roman says:

do you have to pay for this fitting or is it free? do they do it because
you are an elite junior golfer. love the vids. you are a very talented
golfer. My daughter and I love watching your vids. Cheers

Titleist Bryce says:

Hi Bryce again, If you ever in the winter haven area stop by The CC of
Winter haven florida. I currently shoot are 72-75 range frequently, Im good
friends with Sam Horsefield and Athena Yang) Florida Winners). Please come
out there you would have a blast!

Jack Sullivan says:

Great Video. Always wondered what it was like going to the Kingdom. You
should do some videos on what are Karl’s thoughts on his swing. (Ex. Taking
the club back, starting the downswing, etc) Otherwise, great content and
keep it up!

GengarRipper says:

why do you choose taylormade, but not other brands like titlest and cobra

Christian Artress says:

What do u plan on doing with Karl’s old clubs?

Sam Manning says:

Sponsored by Taylormade and Adidas? 

Melvin Morales says:

Let’s see next time we can go. Haha ! I’ll be fun, take care Paul! 

Ben Kisla says:

Wow, I’m swinging around 108mph and I am a 17 year old two handicap! Karl
is a strong kid, he’ll be able to put on more club head speed to when he is
older! I play regular flex iron shafts even though I swing 93mph due to
spin rates and flight. I also hit it about 10yds further haha

John Hue says:

111mph with the driver is pretty well tour level already and at 13 at
Karl’s size really demonstrates his raw innate talent. In golf distance =
Talent. Short game can be taught and developed and Karl is good in this
area but distance is something you are born with and despite technique you
can’t put in what God left out.


Nerf Reviewer says:

When will you make out another video what in the bag

Alex Graas says:

Reminds me of my days when I got fitted by Wilson;)

JCRocksteady says:

Great swing and numbers for someone his age! Hope he has a great future in
the game.

Nerf Reviewer says:

Now you will do a what in the bag⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

Lukas Hell says:

Is Carl getting sponsored by taylormade
Because a howl set of new clubs pulls this professional fitting isn’t it
really expensive 

butette says:

It’s crazy how fast Karl can swing at that age. Beautiful balance swing.

Studgolfer542009 says:

just got the 430 head r15 and the rsi tps there sweet!

James Claydon golf says:

This is awsome I also play taylormade like karl

Austin May says:

Defiantly deserves it. His golf game is truly a blessing from god

-Austin May

jeremy collins says:

How did tmag find you

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