Karl’s visit to “The Kingdom” by Taylormade

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Join Karl while he spends a few hours at Tayormade's “The Kingdom” where he tries every conceivable head and shaft option for every club in the bag.
There are 2 “Kingdom's”- one on the west coast and this one here on the east coast at the the exquisite Reynolds Plantation which is located just an hour's drive from Augusta National.
Just a fantastic experience on the first nice day of Spring. A big thanks from us to Master Clubfitter Cory for making Karl's visit a blast.
Karl's website is www.karlgolf.info

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Caleb Shetler says:

going to the kingdom is such a great experience. at least when i went.

Sam Criss says:

can you make a whats in the bag video?

Cameron Chhim says:

I’m just going to say I love taylormade, had a few r7’s and r9’s but I now
have Mizunos. They are great, I don’t know why people hate them. With my
Mizunos I am now in the top 5 junior golfers I n my state

Jordan Austin says:

why would anyone want a counter balance putter like karl was using in the
putter lab

THIS GUY says:

not yet sponsored i see, you will get there soon mate. keep it up. wait
til you get sponsored it is quite the change in respect among the
taylormade employees.

Hays Nash says:

Man when is he qualifying for the masters as an armature! He is
unbelievable. I’m 16 I have been working with my coach on getting all the
way around with my driver he is amazing. See u on the tour!

Canon Chiu says:

This kid is amazing! look forward to seeing him on tour

kuns200178 says:

My first ever post on a youtube video .. Karl mate – good on you and keep
up the good work, you are awesome. As a father of a 5 year old learning to
play golf .. I have to add that Karl’s Dad – you are awesome too mate ..
your support is and will go a long way for Karl and his golfing career.
Great father son team!! keep making them birdies !!!

Anna Mandrell says:


Jack Alton says:

his set up is very closed? whats the idea there? is it not only inducing a
closed hip and feet position but open shoulders?

B-rad Clev says:

so karl is “sponsored” by Taylormade then! thats awesome! 

cameron rosenberg says:

How did they find Karl ? Because I want to be supported by them. I am a
really good junior golfer that does good in tournaments. So how did they
find him?

ewan preedit says:

How far is he hitting the ball now?

oliver millen says:

Can u go a wats in the bag for Karl 

Coy Miller says:

What all did Karl get?

Danny Patten says:

What did karl do with his putting

Ripstikuk1 says:

Did u buy all the clubs or were they provided by taylormade?

S Jan says:

Have you got a sponsorship deal with TM Karl?

Josh Young says:

what clubs did he end up putting in the bag?

darmu1128 says:

Hello, i noticed that karl is moving his left leg and foot at the moment of
impact. He didint use to do that. Is that something new for more power or
he was doing it just that day ? good luck !

Puregolf2000 says:

Did he get any new clubs

spinmilled64 says:

What clubs did Karl end up getting??

Cameron Lippoldt says:

His foot work through the ball looks a lot like bubba watson’s

Ronnie Casey says:


Ripstikuk1 says:


Puregolf2000 says:

That’s awesome I just got a r1 yesterday 

Nat j says:

How did Karl get to visit there?

auimpact says:

Is Karl sponsored by taylormade/ Adidas? 

skylarrains1999 says:

How old is he now? I definitely know he’ll be a pro. 

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