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Chris Ryan talks about one of the products that he sues during his coaching to help golfers work on their arm structure through the swing.

Chris also explains how this move relates to the golf swing

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sensa123 says:

This is the hardest thing to achieve since it requires a conscious effort ????

Bluesky202 ! says:

Does keeping the left arm more in a locked position keeping it slightly stiffer and straighter through to the top of the swing help

Mountain William says:

I figured out where my 30 year old distance went. Key point flexibility. Tried with a small beach ball first for 30 minutes. $42 is worth it, for me not having to bend over every 30 seconds.

Chester Micek says:

Very smart to hook-up with Martin Chuck. He sells the toys that can make you better.


Hi chris ive just got my smart ball ???️‍♂️?️‍♂️


Im going to get 1 chris ?can you use it with every club chris ?️‍♂️?️‍♂️??????

J4MSEVU89 says:

Great Video, as always, if you don't want to spend £40 on a inflatable ball then a full toilet roll works well for home practice ??!

Helgi Sigmundsson says:

Liked this video as many others you have made. Good point about the external rotation of the trail arm in the downswing ("in the pocket"), that did help me immensely in the past. Look forward to work with my smart ball.

Brian Tucker says:

As previously requested what is the size of the ball please!

Lee Whittaker says:

Hi Chris, great vids by the way. Would be good if you could mention axis tilt in the downswing. It's so easy to have the left shoulder higher at last parallel, even if you have been the correct weight shift with body and hips.

Peter Fannon says:

Is this just for practice with the irons or is it the same drill with driver/3 wood ? Thnks

Ross Brookshire says:

I have one. Works great for me. The lanyard makes it really convenient.

Zachary Milos says:

What's the approximate size of the ball? I made one myself but I think the diameter is too small… it sits more in my wrists as opposed to near elbows.

Tour Striker says:

Hello Chris, love the video!! Thanks for your support. I look forward to having a pint with you one of these days as I get over to work with Alistair from time to time. Cheers, MC

Jennifer Nilsson says:

Hi Chris. I bought this a while ago but find it difficult to use. I suppose it takes a lot of practice?

InfraRedNeck says:

I use a live grenade. It helps me to keep focus.

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