Kenny Perry Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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Kenny Perry at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota –


bill jones says:

Did you hear the sound¬† that golf ball made coming off the club face ?? WOW !!¬† Besides ! Who wants to see everyone swing a golf club exactly the same… anyway

wolves2314 says:

Are….are you ACTUALLY criticizing a professional? You're just another YouTuber who thinks he knows everything about golf…. smh

Adam Gold Medal says:

Lol, hittin a little draw there Kenny?

robjune14 says:

Terrible posture, crouches on the down swing, swing is off plane but has won heaps on the PGA tour. Go figure.

bigsleep32 says:

Kenny? Kenny? Kenny?

MichaelJ Cowie says:

His swing is a bit weird but his tempo is excellent. He puts no effort into hitting the ball.


@secretogolf Yes you are so right…If you watch Moe Norman's swing, it is a hip slide and not a hip rotation until after impact. Now, I realize alot of pros have great athleticism when it comes to returning square, but the vast majority of them lift the right foot before impact and also spin the hips to quickly as well, which makes for a lot of difficulty staying on plane.


@secretogolf Not only does he get in the slot well but look at the anchored right foot. That is why he is so accurate!!

J W Smith says:

@Oberwoot Uh wouldn't the ugliest swing belong to Jim Furyk?

julian bosi says:

on of the best ball strikers

Julius Oppenheimer says:

the ugliest swing in pro golf, guess it works though

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