Kirkland Golf Ball Review

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WhiskerRub says:

I wonder how much all the fancy packaging is included in the cost of balls? Would any premium ball from any golf ball manufacturer perform differently if it came to you in an onion bag versus a fancy box?

James Thompson says:

Hi Ian & Matt
Another informative video but main reason I’m writing this is to let your viewers know that I am the person who won the Muira wedges. (Not rubbing it in ?).
And I have used all other makes of wedges but to compare the muira wedges against other wedges is like putting a mini against a rolls Royce.
I would also like to thank Tracey for keeping me informed all the way through the process.
Thanks again

O. G. says:

I'd be curious to see what happens around the greens….chips w/run or chips w/spin…pitch and run vs pitch and check. Maybe the differences between a draw release or a hold off release. Checks left or checks right?

Just a thought.

Anthony McKenzie says:

Great test video guys. Love the new format – efficient, succinct and overall more impactful. Very interesting on the performance of both balls – highlights that there are quality options available at more reasonable prices. I get why the big boys markup their products as much as they do, but there has to be a balance to help grow the game.
Based on the results, is the 3 piece more comparable to the Chrome Soft vs. ProV1?

Lamont Thomas says:

I am all over this 3 piece ball. Great review as always.

Jelena Jurkovic says:

2 piece ball against premium please, for example srixon soft feel 🙂

Bandit Baker says:

Great review as ever Guys, I never managed to get hold of the original Kirkland 4piece Balls. I would order some of their new 3piece Balls, but not hitting the Ball that far I rarely loose any. So I end up with 100`s of Balls that I will never get to use!
In fact I think that some have lasted long than my Ex-Wives!!!!!!

Rob Gillan says:

I'm in Halifax and you guys are in Toronto – were these American Costco balls or are they here in Canada too?

Jon Gee says:

Unfortunately, you cannot "load up a cart" with these. They are limited to 2 boxes (48 balls) per membership….

Kim Nathan Inwon says:

Wow.. I was about to ask you this review. Thanks!!

Richard Callen says:

At my Costco I can only get the new version of Kirkland balls in the Performance+ model… the one you guys tested is the regular Kirkland Performance… if you guys can get your hands on the Kirkland Performance+ I would like to know your opinion on that one too

Pedro Lantigua says:

Thank you for that comparison…been wondering about the differences between these two.

thomas ross says:

Never tried it. I am curious about Snell & Vice. I knew when Bubba Watson changed to Volvik & could not work the ball, he made a mistake. Great for long drive, but not close to Titleist overall performance. A testament to Titleist USA & superior quality & performance. To the tour player needing a low score for 1 million dollars, Titleist is the overwhelming choice on the globe. I just had a tremendous customer experience from Titleist USA. They have won my confidence. I told them if they charge product prices like Mercedes of golf clubs & balls, they should last & perform for the price point. I was pleasantly surprised by there response to my opinion.

Gavin Clancy says:

Big fan of this great channel, the content and delivery is exceptional. I'm also glad to see you shortened the intro music, good call guys.

Hershel Snider says:

I am ordering some today! I have days where my driver is off and I won’t even hit a good ball from the tee if it’s a driver hole. These will change that ?

Aaron___ says:

Can u guys test the Wilson DX2 Soft TXG

john sneade says:

Nassau Quattro

The Weekend Hack says:

Played a round with the Kirkland. Performed decent, but the exterior didnt wear well. After 2 to 3 holes, ball was scuffed up and destroyed. I can get 9 holes out of a pro v1

TheeDPatt 11 says:

Believe it was confirmed to be the Nassau Quattro

Aaron___ says:

I want some but I live in Scotland so I can't get them

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