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Jeffrey Bergman says:

I do the opposite. I keep all my weight on the right foot, swing around that axis, cock my wrists on the backing, dump the arms straight down on the downswing, and turn with my shoulders from there.

Griffin Englander says:

Brilliant, Mark!! Side, question; Do you have any methods we can use to see how we're delivering the lie of the club, and calibrate from there?
Keep doing good things.

Graham Hosker says:

"Would you be laughed at?" Mate, they can laugh all they want while they're paying out for the match. Who cares what they think, it's your game!

martin blackmore says:

Mark I am concentrating on this aspect of my game at the moment. To many thin's. Can you tell me a couple of things. what club are you using and what is the ball position, it looks centre/back but could be the camera angle. Thanks

Christian Stelzl says:

Great vid again!

Forest Plourde-Cole says:

Way too much wrist flick for all of these shots. Needs to practice maintaining impact position past the ball strike.

Stephen Wallace says:

Mark and Guy

Land that sole, tummy to the sky, flamingo drill. Tried them yesterday. Great stuff!

Another drill I use to practice or to warm-up, which might be relevant. I chip/ pitch from the steepest downhill lie I can find with the most lofted club I have (60*) – to a downhill green if possible. As you would know, to hit good shots in this case, you really have to land the sole – and the severe downhill makes it very hard to transfer weight to the right leg on the backswing – something Guy is working to eliminate. Who knows, might be worth a try?

Dave Reid says:

Technical And brilliant. Coaching Gold. Beautiful to watch.

P-M Meiners says:

Will you be able to teach overseas students as well? I would love to volunteer for this.

Leigh Jones says:

Loved this I watched it 3 times to make sure I took it all in… great method of coaching and love the one foot drill. Big thumbs up.

Barry smith says:

Thanks mark I been using the wooden man with my short game and it helps ??

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