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Any golfer with tour experience has perfected their ability to drive the ball deep distance to a degree. Viewed as a key method toward saving par, me and my golf students spend a great deal of time experimenting with the athletic motion behind our swings to improve our showings at the tee. Most top speed golf pros can hit drivers at 360 yards or more, which most amateurs marvel over while watching such a performance.

In our normal training, of course me and my golf students are interested in adding more distance to our drives. Most golfers are certain that just an extra 20 yards will do wonders for their game, leading many down a path of short term fix methods they believe to be better golf strategies than the proven fundamentals most develop via tour experience.

Despite many believing trending tips to be better golf than lessons derived from real tour experience, the George Gankas golf system remains one of the most followed methods for developing athletic motion in your swing fairly quickly. Because many golfers seek out quick fix systems they believe to be better golf strategies, the internet has become a void of poorly composed golf instructors giving advice that may actually do more harm than it does development.

George Gankas golf lessons are a healthy fusion of classic athletic motion driven drills with a new cutting edge approach developed by GG himself. Through the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, golfers of all skillsets are able to refine their swings and improve their overall understanding of the sport. Gankas remains a highly visible figure in the game, having recently graced the cover of Golf Digest with Butch Harmon, George's teachings continue to assist the past, present and future golfers of the world through the lessons found on the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy.

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Novice players chasing that good good driver shot that emulates the athletic motion of tour level golfers often are confused about how to generate the needed power to achieve such distances. Most amateur golfers rarely know how fast they're swinging or how much ball speed they're able to create. These same players rarely understand the spin rate on driver shots or have any indication of their actual carry on any given driver shot.

Because most tour golfers with a good good driver shot carry the ball 275 yards, amateurs usually fall in the range of 230 yards with an estimated swing speed of 98 mph or less. Even novice players chasing short term fixes cannot deny the key role that speed plays in their golf swing. While many may choose quick fix golf tips to improve their driver shots, believing such drills to be better golf strategies than the fundamentals, even professional tours favor a golfer who can hit the longest drives.

Saving par may be something most can do with a solid short game, but by having a menacing driver swing lurking at each hole, the game becomes less frustrating and more enjoyable almost over night.

00:00 Downswing Head Placement
00:40 Pushing Power in Your Driver Shot
01:54 Adding Focused Tilt to Your Golf Swing
02:41 Refining Your Driver Swing Sequence
03:58 Easy Drills for Better Driving Distance
04:51 Assessing Driver Smash Factor
06:04 Find Your POWERLeak NOW

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G hits some Vanilla Ice lyrics πŸ˜† all together Stop Collaborate and listen while the dj revoles it 😘

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Love the videos. Got anything for us older less flexible guys??

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He keeps things upbeat and fast. You can do that when you know what your doing.
Time is valuable. He’s like David Fincher the movie director.

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