lcgm8 Disc Golf – Dutch Open 2013 Final

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Dana Lawton says:

With all the different European players I guess most Award Presentations
might be in English.

Vesa Simonen says:

shitty commentary

burgrman says:

I love their commentary and the stats/scores that are put up on the video.
– Thanks guys!

Ron Albert says:

Commentary was outstanding as usual! Ignore the haters, they could turn
down the volumn instead of leaving negative comments. Tsk tsk.

Matt Kelly says:

I really like watching the videos without commentary–but with the shot
information on the screen, like many of the Copenhagen Open videos. Makes
me feel like I’m really there.

peasinacan says:

Why did I watch the entire thing. Wat

David Brachmann says:

Simon is terrible at putting!

Central Coast Disc Golf says:

On disc golf and California sunshine my friend!

Central Coast Disc Golf says:

Thanks! We would love to!

ANGRA9000 says:

Great work! love to see more with Icgm8 & CCDG great team!

Chad Jahnke says:

Great video n good commentary although u guys sound baked but that’s ok

Joshua Winn says:

Central Coast does it again. Great job to all!

checkcall123 says:

Thanks for all the videos from Dutch open!

Umesh Chaudhari says:

I saw a lot of spit outs from baskets even though some of the players
didn’t have forced putts. I doubt about the chain numbers on those baskets.
Great vid, though.

Zumwar1 says:

Oh my gosh… High quality disc golf vids, and I didn’t even know about
it?! Awww yeah!

Erik Olden says:

Hoi! Lueke commentary hoor, die gozers zijn gaaf lol.

sailors2011 says:

Never played disc golf, but this makes me want to so bad!

Central Coast Disc Golf says:

Thanks Jarno 🙂

Myz tical says:

Are these commentators high or something?

benfts says:

I thought it was great. I look forward to the videos CCDG and I filmed this

garze says:

Really cool to hear the commentry from gyus who know what they are talking
about 🙂

speedcubingman says:

this commentary is so funny

Derek Place says:

I prefer it without the commentary. Fantastic footage as always.

Jeff Davis says:

Great “B roll”/disc golf intro!

lcgm8 says:

Gotta agree. CCDG and Marty makes great videos.

wil172921 says:

This isn’t a sport!

TheShermoen says:

diggin the commentating, great footage.

dr_atomic says:

this was so cool, I rly hope that you (guys) are going to do a coverage for
the copenhagen open!

taconight2night says:

I think one of the best things for our sport would be to tell us what disc
the pros are throwing on each shot. That would make watching disc golf even

William Hammett says:

And ball golf is a sport?

cricket12ish says:

i could watch this all day

jiocco says:

CCDG!!! Outreach program huh! Ian and Kevin rock! Great video too.

Central Coast Disc Golf says:

A fast green means the area around the basket is prone to skipping,
sliding, or rolling.

Tuomo Tanskanen says:

Commentary was great to have, I just wished they’d say more than state the
obvious. I realize this was on short notice, so forgiven. Good job guys.

Smiley J says:

is it just me, or do europeans not focus as much on putting like americans?

miamisms says:

And actually now after watching all of it: really unnecessary and annoying

DiscGolfEcho says:

Really like this video you did both of you guys! Great commentary and
footage well put together! It was really nice to get the world of Disc Golf
come together! I am from Quebec and Simon is the from these parts and it’s
nice to follow his footstep into Pro Disc Golf with your videos!

lcgm8 says:

Thanks, guys did great commentary with a short note. I was considering to
release both versions. Don’t know yet, if I upload another one.

William Faidley says:

5 dislikes… They must be discraft employees.

baseballphreak5 says:

This has the most tolerable commentary I’ve seen/heard on youtube, so for
that, thank you.

muulieify says:

thanks for a great video 🙂

anything4you05 says:

Kevin smokes weed.

Twist of Fade says:

It took me awhile to get used to Ian’s voice but once the manta set in, I
blissed out for the rest of dis thing! Another great coverage Icgm8! Keep
working together…I hope someone is versa vicing this for all the native
tongues…anyway thanks all!

lcgm8 says:

That is part of the reason to upload both versions and a good point. If
people are interested in localizing this season Euro Tour finals, I can
upload other versions too.

Jarno Virtanen says:

I enjoyed the commentary. Thanks!

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