Learn How to Get More Distance in Golf: 3 Steps to Lag and Distance

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Click the link above to watch the full “Wide Narrow Wide” Video:

How would you like to have more distance in your golf game? How about better compression of the golf ball? Well you will be happy to find out it is as easy as three simple steps.

Distance is all about creating levers in your golf swing. By levers, I mean gaining lag and releasing lag. If you can learn how to do this, you will blow it past your buddies.

Watch this video to add serious distance to your golf game!!!

Click the link below to watch the full “Wide Narrow Wide” Video:

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sandwah9 says:

what is amazing to me in all this instruction on youtube is that virtually
no one, and i mean no one, really ever mentions the clubface and what it
does through impact. guys talk about extensions, width, compression, etc
etc… but no one talks about clubface. these instructors teach as if we
are swinging a stick only toward the target. if that were the case, we
would all be great players. the problem is we are swinging a stick that has
a lever on the end of it toward the target… and the end lever is the only
thing that hits the ball. and almost no one talks about it and what it

Anthony Dixon says:

Great video. Just wish he talked about the feeling in the left hand/thumb
to hold that lag. Talk about feel more

thegolfingmachine says:

Is the force creating the extension(centripetal reaction to Centrifugal
circular motion), which is not a shape. Lag is clubhead lag pressure and
it is not a shape. Even a putting stroke will have lag within the shaft
before the each overtaking within the kinematic chain.
In Swinging- Is the physics creating the shape. Is the initial momentum
create the force, the acceleration of the clubhead as of the force pull
your right arm. Is the kinematic sequence create the acceleration. Is the
transition creating the lag and with the continue Clubhead acceleration
storing the loaded potential (Lag). Is the Feel of the “hand” tell the
brain to ask the related components to halt and release the clubhead.

Kurian George says:

Very useful tip.

SavetheWater1 says:

Every teacher on YouTube puts their videos up for free except for you. This
is one reason I would never buy into anything you are selling. Money is
your motivation not improving players or advancing the game.

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