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In this golf lesson Chris explains the 4 skills of putting and shows you how you can test each of these skills. This is key to establishing where you need to spend the majority of your practice time.

By understanding your putting stroke it will allow you to stop 3 putting, hole more putts and become a better putter overall, a great way to lower your scores.

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michael shuler says:

1 thru 4 should be taught 4 thru 1

Alexander says:

It fells like mallets are popular in Europe and blades are more commonly used in the US.

Alexander says:

You are soooooo underrated!

Vimal Chopra says:

Great! Thanks. I am a starting golfer and am learning a lot from your videos. Hopefully it all improves with practice.

williamjohnhyde says:

nice one thanks..!

FLYBOY123456789 says:

Ahhhh – LOVE the gate idea – thanks Chris…great tip. Thanks.

Derrick Mc Cormack says:

I enjoy your channel very clear instructions' you give, thanks it has helped my game.

Bart Buitenhuis says:

Search for Geoff Mangum videos here

Funny Pingvi says:

Awesome channel ? Awesome Video

Baby Giraffe says:

Awesome channel ? Awesome Video

Unicorn Channel says:

Awesome channel ? Awesome Video

Samariterstrasse says:

It's pace in my case: most often too short.

Northern Ireland Foot & Ankle Clinic says:

If My putter looks lined up with the hole its actually at least a foot to the right. When I use an intermediate target it really helps but as I line up with it my eyes tell me Im aiming left. Is this a common problem? Its as though my eyes are out of alignment if you get me. Love the videos. David

Jim Pickard says:

Terrific ideas in this .. I'll be out there trying this first opportunity .. always feel I don't read greens correctly and often miss on the same side … this will allow me to see if it's my reading or start line that's at fault.

Adam Ward says:

Great vlog Chris, tried the drills today and my main problem is pace with also some challenges around reading the greens. I found the drill with tees at various lengths very useful – do you have any other drills you can recommend for improving pace of putts?

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