Learn the Perfect Golf Swing Sequence: D. A. Points Swing Analysis

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D.A. Points is one of the best players in the game. So what allows D.A. to hit the ball as straight and powerful as he does? Learn a simple fundamental used by every great player in the game throughout history.

Sequencing is the key to a lot of things in golf. If you learn how to use the sequence effectively you can trim strokes off your handicap in no time. Be sure to watch the Free Bonus Video attached at the the top of this description.

1) How the correct sequencing can cure your over the top swing?
2) What starts the downswing, and when it actually starts (may not be what you think)?
3) How to get more power with less effort.

To learn how to use your natural anatomy to perfect your swing visit.

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Dana Johnson says:

When you talk about the different body parts slowing down, does that
slowing down happen automatically, or do we have to consciously try and
slow down each body part in sequence? I’m able start and slow down my hips,
but trying to get the other body parts to slow down and do it in sequence
gets a little complicated.

Justus Seiber says:

Nice vid, I have a question a bit unrelated though. Are the modern day
muscle back irons easier to hit than the vintage ones? Something like VR
Pro Blade, Titleist MB, TaylorMade MB, you get the point, a pure blade. I
am ready to take it to the next level but I need to know.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

That would all depend on the current movements. In order to get a good
release and let the shoulders slow down (so the club can accelerate) I
would recommend watching the “5 Minutes to the Perfect Release” video on
the website. That will show you how to properly release the club step by
step. It works amazingly well! ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Thanks. They are slightly bigger and more refined than the older blades.
But they will only be marginally more forgiving. They offer no advantage
over a small cavity back iron other than looks. Good luck. ~Clay Ballard

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