Learn Your Perfect Back Swing Golf Video

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Golf Life TV presents Top 100 Teacher, Mike Adams, as he describes how to get your perfect back swing by individualizing your shoulder, back and hip turns. The perfect back swing doesn't always mean parallel so understanding your body's limits and flexibility will ensure a successful hit everytime.

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➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEXVM2aEtJI

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Abhishek VARMA says:

thanks for this wonderful tip. This give lots of clarity on back swing
height. best tip I got ever.

Nicholas Tirion says:

wow, great tip thank you!

Наталия Филиппова says:
Golf Tips says:

It’s coming in good over here. Is it possible your youtube video sound is
turned down low?

Orlando Nunez says:

WOW, Great tip

Boomer Tee says:

Kudos to you MIKE…you are an inspiration to many. So is ARNI with his
PROSTATE AWARENESS! But, another awareness is VISION in SENIORS.Perhaps you
can be instrumental in helping your boomer/senior friends. I’m referring to
“macular degeneration(AMD). AMD has surpassed Prostate cancer in volumetric
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YOURSCOREYOURWAY(com) YOU TUBE(Photochromic transitions)

49rockon says:

Great advice. Thank you !

Eric Shon says:

thats not 90 degrees at 2:07

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