Learning How to Putt

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After taking a close look at my stats it's very clear that putting is the area I stand to improve the most. On my very best rounds I average over 33 putts per round. Over the last year I would estimate I have spent less than 4 hours practicing my putting. This has to change so I'm hoping to get obsessed with working on and around the greens.


Sunflower Yellow says:

Why is this on my YouTube Chanel?

Ashley Elder says:

Can you do another putting video worst part of my game

My Swing Evolution says:

It didn't prove anything. Was it supposed to?

Adam Salaytah says:

What did this prove?

Lucy Stephenson says:

what a waste of time

erikla2002 says:

Nice stroke. What is that music in the end btw? Very beautiful.

Steve Borek says:

Thanks. I've tried that and everything else. Last night I started standing closer to the ball. Will test the new stroke today at Radisson.

My Swing Evolution says:

You are most likely hitting the ball on the upswing. In order to create consistency in my lag putting, I had to work on making a consistent strike on the ball. Try working on catching the ball right when the putter reaches the bottom of it's arc. Maybe move the ball back an inch or two. This should help.

Steve Borek says:

I hit all my putts thin. I've tried everything to hit putts on the sweet spot to no avail. Any ideas?

Colm McCaffery says:

Hi Christo, I have the same issue as you "had" … way too many putts and spenmt money on a TM spider putter with fat grip to try and fix it – not the answer – so after watching your simple video it makes sense ! so am back to my olf fave, odyssey tri hot blade … but i would love to have had a tad more commentary from you – what were you looking to feel or change – watching your stroke it "looks" a tad arms rather than shoulders but does look consistant and repeatable – makes sense tho

Gorlox says:

Putting is about line and distance. I believe it doesn't make much difference what you putt with, these two factors are what matter. With that said, I just changed from a Ghost Spider putter to an Odyssey center-shafted, 2-ball Backstryke putter. I feel confident with the Odyssey, it's much better for my touch after one practice round.

Alex Shaw says:

might not help, but what really improved my putting was stopping taking practice strokes and instead just reacting to the target and n0t getting to hung up on mechanics. pick your line, confirm it and go. what how kids putt, total freedom just target orientated! good luck and may i say your videos are an inspiration!

Charles Piette says:

Have you tried practicing like you play… every putt you take your time to line up- check your line – look at the hole, basically your pre-shot routine for every putt.
Try it maybe for a few days, and I think you might see the improvement on the course

heronpete says:

try tim gallaways the inner game of golf, he has a nice chapter on putting, play well

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