Left Knee In The Golf Downswing (COPY THIS MOVE!)

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Steve Smith says:

Excellent Video , A.B – especially the crushed can explanation/example.

Don says:

Thank for this tip. Is this more or less a stack and tilt move. The Grant Waite portion has his weight (no pun intended) forward from the get go.

Glenn Watson says:

I seem to do better with a very stable base. Nicholas was a great athlete, but not a good example of how most golfers should swing. Of course what do I know.

Dean Munro says:

Hi I’m Dean Munro, 3 times getting out of bunker player, the only way Dean Munro will improve his golf. Is for Phil Mickelson to change his name to Dean Munro.

Nicø says:

It’s funny I see ur vid with and ad on this vid about your golf ad stuff. Basically ur ad on ur vid.

bobber says:

When we bite off bits and pieces from other golfers we can perfect our own.

Mark Hagen says:

Squash the can. Sums it all up. Good drill.

Carlos Jimenez says:

Good video. I've been using a left knee drill for awhile. It real helps in opening my hips on the back swing.

Neil Bailes says:

looks good move, particularly squashing a can thought, magic.

Chuck Urwin says:

Great lesson and simple to understand! Going to try this in my practice session today! Thanks.?

Aussie Golfer says:

Great video Adam ??️‍♀️⛳️

CRS says:

My problem is early extension & that little squat is crucial to getting down before coming up on the downswing.

Ronald Rollins says:

Love the squash the can idea!

john beck says:

Brilliant, awesome video! I Love " Feel" tips and drills. Never even thought of this concept, this where i struggle too. I tend to dip or dig my right hip/side occasionally and hit irons really fat, like embarrassing fat shots. This should help with that as well as the power increase. Thanks a million!!! The ability of teaching to many different view points is not lost on you Sir. Not many can do that. Keep up the good work.

Stuart King says:

Great video had lesson yesterday and that's something I'm working on my left knee movement

Magnus Nilsson says:

Great video and insight as always, thanks Adam!

Basil Keen says:

Thanks Adam. Every bit helps

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