Left Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

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How the left shoulder moves into and out of transition will play a big part in how much control you'll have over your golf ball. In this video, we look at a couple of key differences in how a typical pro moves his lead shoulder compared to a typical am. The left shoulder movement is an important element in the golf swing, and having the right concept of how it moves will improve your golf swing.

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Athletic Motion Golf says:

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tworiversarchitects says:

Also The right elbow is really way different. the pro is driving down and in and forward wow

paulmme says:

I think the key to unlock power is the reverse tilt of the pro
Model at 2:30, this weigh transfer to the left, in combination with upcoming upward rotation of the hips, seem to make the rightside “weightless” and it’s very easy to pull the hands from the slot they dropped in to. Creating that forward tilt freed me me to swing thru with a ton of power. These videos are amazing. Thanks!

Sparky says:

I surmise that for the AM, that the proper sequence was never experienced, and as such, dropping like the PRO would result in a lot of fat and duff shots before the ball, teaching the amature by feedback to avoid that to lift up the left shoulder to avoid that. Due to never having the right sequence taught for the AM so positive feedback could be accomplished.

TrueJay says:

Pro's left arm is never straight.

Adam McClendon says:

Having my left arm pinned to my shoulder during the downswing was definitely my problem; thank you for making that clear in this video.

I have corrected that now to the effect of perfect-Pro level shots. *However*… I no longer feel that connected-power feeling in my body. It feels like a void of emptiness in the left shoulder joint, not kinetically linked anymore through my body at impact.. Is it supposed to feel like that? The result is perfection, but it doesn't "feel" right.

Christ says:

It seems like a lot of the not so good advice, like keeping your arms and chest connected, arise from trying to help beginners get a minimally functional golf swing. So when it helps early on, they keep those movement patterns even when they are no longer helpful.

K T says:

Is there more compression of the humerus against the chest in the pro when transitioning into the down swing?

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

Would a looser left arm help this? I also feel I try to keep my left arm so stiff that it kills it. Like I almost feel without a club just loosen the left arm kind of dangle it turn and let the arm swing limp to get the correct feeling with just the body and left shoulder moving the arm

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

Guys correct me if I’m wrong but for me the slice comes really from the lead shoulder. And it not getting it down up and around. Going forward and flat at best. I slice I get tense. I get more tension in the trail side. Instead of I feel like if I let the left shoulder instead of the right control my swing it would be it

B T says:

Not sure what’s really happening but it appears the hips of both golfers move laterally on the downswing. The left hip must be turned back at impact – here they are not, which makes me question the video.

Cicero Rules says:

Great Video – I think the reason the pro looks different at the start of the downswing is that he allows his left shoulder blade to protract – separate – from the ribcage momentarily. The shoulder blade muscles are then loaded and the shoulder can travel in the right direction and then retract very hard when the point of the shoulder is at its lowest point.

Jakobe says:

so this is why my shoulder hurts

Nunyo says:

interesting, would it be fair to say as a general thing, to drop your lead shoulder towards your lead foot?

Marcus Zuniga says:

I definitely struggle with this, how would someone like myself work on drills to improved this. Cause essentially it helps create the lag, hip movement going forward and getting little bit longer roatation

Slump Vice says:

I was having front shoulder pain since I started back up. Was about to quit, this video literally allowed me to keep play. Thank you so much fellas!

da southard says:

You don't believe in the number 4 accumulator method, rather you want the arms to be independent.

Michal Goetz says:

Is this motion same for all clubs? Iron and driver?

Rick Miller says:

Connection RUINED my game for 20 years.

Rick Miller says:

Hey that "coasting/recentering" upper body also helps make it easier to keep the hip center back to the glass while moving forward doesn't it?..great stuff.

A Bro says:

Is this Paul Azinger talking?

Lee Z says:

I see this video was posted back in June 2018 and I'm kicking myself that In didn't see it sooner!! I had been struggling with my swing for quite some time until I saw this golf lesson and after implementing the pro movement of my left shoulder in the takeaway I can honestly say that I have the same feeling as when I was playing off a 3 handicap…..many, many years ago! I also watched the lesson on set up and impact position for the driver and implemented both movements for amazing results! You guys are simply the best instructors on Youtube, brilliant!!!

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