Lexus Performance of the Day: Brooks Koepka – 2018 U.S. Open – Round 4

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Brooks Koepka Lexus Performance of the Day Fourth Round Highlights from the 118th U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.


Elite Scout says:

THE USGA ARE RETARDS! Performance of the “DAY”….. I think Fleetwoods 63 is a no brainer! But hey guys it’s the USGA! We should expect DUMB SHIT like this from theseMORONS!

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

Great victory by koepka. Some really top pro shots to close it out.?. Fleetwood developing nicely. Tiger played great its easy to forget he's over forty years old and still at the very top competing. Amazing really against twenty year old golfers.

kepler240 says:

Fox's broadcast was horrible. No on course commentators and if I hear Azinger say "he can't putt it in the ocean" again, I'm gonna lose it. He said it 4 damn times among a lot of other stupid sayings.

Shakester71 says:

We won't see another Major at Shinnecock for a long time after this Open. It was a disaster. I get that everyone is playing the same course, but that course took out players that most people wanted to see. Guys like Rory Mcilroy, Jordan Speith, Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson. Those are some big names that people pay to watch on the weekend. A 264 yard par 3? GTFOH. Thats ridiculous. So many players hit good shots into the green, pin high, just watch it roll 25 feet off the green.

Peter Cavellini says:

Well done!?

Steven Hearnden says:

Great back to back wins. Still Mizuno JPX Irons??

bjnwright says:

Just a beast.. but with beautiful touch.

Caleb Dillard says:

Koepka is so underrated but he is a top 10 golfer definitely. A rising star

Lynn Junior says:

Please , will everybody get over Woods. There are many great golfers in the world that are light years ahead of him.

O. G. says:

Made DJ his bitch

realchimera says:

Very exciting game, even when compared to grand slams of any other sports. That's why the money award of the biggest golf tournament is even less than a video game tournament.

John Wills says:

One hell of an accomplishment.

Ethan Pearson says:

Fleetwood shot 7 under.

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