Lightning Hands for Solid Irons & More Distance

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If you want more pars and more GIRs, let's get you striking your irons pure, where you experience that amazing pop off the clubface. I see many players with slow hands, through the hitting zone. Instead, let's get your hands lightning fast with forearm rotation that will replace the dreaded chicken wing with more pars. So, let's get to it.

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wahoo strike says:

is this a boston accent?

AwoLDude69 says:

Love this drill,,,thank you so much!!!! The drop part also gives me a great feel of shallowing the shaft.

Jeff Chady says: – Watch this video – this is teaching people to flip the club through impact

Fred Lim says:

Is she a golf instructor or a fitness instructor?

Kel Young says:

Sure most amateurs need to release more but it should be as a result of a correct body turn. This tip is a recipe for heartbreak and low hooks. Learn how to turn correctly and the hands will take care of themselves.

L J says:

that skirt is driving me nuts

kathleen smith says:

HOw about tips on releasing longer clubs like driver and 3wood????????

June Egan says:

Watching your videos, I have learned more about the swing than I ever knew, and I have taken lessons throughout the years.

Forward Observer says:

Just keep that right elbow pressed against your rib cage. It creates proper extension on your backswing, promotes a shoulder turn, keeps the left arm straight (eliminates left chicken wing) and produces a soft draw. Practice doing it without hitting balls until it becomes second nature.

Garth Downton says:

I am slow! Slow thinking, slow moving, slow,slow,slow and 6months of chemo made me slower but I hit the ball long for someone in their sixties.( driver 250+, 8 iron 150+etc.) You must learn how to develop a swing /move that matches your natural make up. All your theory is correct if the athlete is "wired" correctly for the concept. Many great players are arm and hand releasers, but for myself, this never was nor will be a repeatable swing option. Unfortunately, my swing development came late in life, basically after I lost my health. I wasted too many years trying to do things that were never repeatable for my talent. Golf is funny, once you develop repeatability, confidence comes with it. I thank Moe Norman for his insight on how to step outside the circle. Have fun and enjoy the challenge of this game that forces you to be yourself !!!

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