LIve Golf Lesson Improving Strike with Face Control

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LIve Golf Lesson Improving Strike with Face Control. Join Mark Crossfield on one of his live golf lessons as he helps more golfers understand what they need to feel and work on to improve their golf game. This live golf lesson Mark talks golf swing ideas around face to path control and how to change shot shape with some simple but very effective golf swing ideas. Play your best golf and have fun doing so.

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Jack Tate says:

These teaching video's are the best content

James Turnbull says:

Just sent this link to my I have bought him a measured golf lesson for Christmas…he's a bit worried by it..but this shows how a few simple tips can make a massive difference…top work Mark..??

Chris Palmer says:

Mark, I put in the DJ wrist hing and I’ve been knocking them out the park at the driving range. Thanks for that tip

ShaamoneHeeHee says:

worst thing about these videos is its taken me a year to find them. I could listen to you all day talk about path, strike, cog and swing angles. Fantastic stuff Mark and an excellent method of teaching it through thought and conversation.

sweetman631 says:

would you be doing anymore of these videos? i do love them

breeze787 says:

This is as AWESOME as it gets. These lessons are the best and they must be very rewarding for you. Really nice coaching, coach!

Tony Leigh says:

Very good indeed!

Alan Caughey says:

I suffer from this same fault in my game. Going to the range to try this tomorrow. I love the way you changed the approach of how to get the instruction across. These live video lessons are very informative.

Annette Chiasson says:

Lov the new teaching vid because I got some of the same bug in play ……it is a big help more to think on and try out lov how you teach…. There might be hope for me yet ……

rudy fajardo says:

I was a consistant cutter of the ball and after watching one of Marks lessons, I have eliminated the cut and have added 25 to 40 yards to my drives and also hitting my irons longer and more consistant. Best teacher I have seen and I have seen plenty.

Dean Mitchell says:

I love how you use what people already have to give them a game that they can use. After spending years on two swing changes I can see the merits of this approach for recreational golfers.

Geoff Winn says:

Really helpful vlog Mark. I'll try this at the weekend as I am also losing distance and driving with a fade to the right and only on the driver, not my irons.

Jesus Cerna says:

I actually used this technique yesterday while playing, I was fading the ball a lot. tried positioning my stance to play my fade, that was not working. bending the wrist just like you showed the gentleman in the video. Great lesson Mark.

simon George says:

excellent vlog I've always wondered on the heels strikes I do where my draw has gone now I might have an idea time to play again at the range thanks again Mark.

Kevin Salim says:

Great video/lesson mark, I've learned loads from that. Love your live lessons

RichAllenFL says:

Agree! Definitely the best type of video! I could do with this exact lesson! Awesome!

Mark Coyle says:

Really great video mark.. Might try a few of these tips myself????

hexdcs says:

can't wait to try this out seems like I'm having the exact same problem as him

GrandmasterN says:

I could watch this all day. So informative, and great thoughts. I love this. Keep up the good work.

I would love to see the rest, especially why his strike, angle of attack and spin improved so much.

Alan Brown says:

More of these please, Mark. They are so informative.

HeraBros07 says:

I've been watching your videos for a very long time and I have to say that you giving the instructions to an actual person was so much more easier to take in the instructions. The numbers was making more sense cause of the real cause and effect that the student was applying. GREAT video!! You should do more like this cause like one of the comments below, it's too bad that you are too far away. Excellent… ?

MrSekitori says:

Just wondering how much time it takes you generally to get the correct 'words' for a student to 'get' the right feeling.
(and then for them to maintain it…..)

Catherine Duran says:

Thanks Mark i was finally able to differentiate my iron from my driver shot. Lockey flick should be be added to golf terminology. Seriously worth hours of lessons on one video.

Golf Fox says:

Nice one Mark

Steffan Davies says:

Really interesting to see coaching change with the use of technology. unfortunately most don't live to coaches with this type of kit.

Diego Diaz says:

9.25 on this video. That can't be correct for our level.

David Altendorff says:

Hi Mark, great vid again. Please could you just reply quickly to explain to me how you can deliver 17o of loft if you are hitting 3o down on the ball with a 10o driver? Is that just because he had the face so far open which added the loft back?

Sud Man says:

Amazing how the numbers tell the story and how a good coach can read the fix.
Really good stuff!

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