Fly On The WallGolf Lesson Stop The Pull

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To understand it, think of tossing a sphere, swinging a bat or racquet. If you never played any one of these sporting activities before you would certainly a minimum of be able make the movement nearly quickly without driving lessons or guideline.

The reason you could play various other sports well yet have difficulty playing golf is since the ball in all of these various other sporting activities is in movement whereas in golf the ball is static. With a fixed item sitting in front of you, you'll want to attack the object instead of swinging with the object.

The tougher you hit, the tighter you obtain, the a lot more you'll relocate the club off of it's course. Likewise, when you try to hit difficult it causes your arms to bend via effect hence narrowing the swing arc which decreases your swing rate.

There is varying golf direction available. With any luck, after you see this and various other golf driving lessons you see that the legs play an important part in the golf swing. Otherwise, the best gamers in the world would certainly not be using them.

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Matthew Collins says:

Have to say I really don’t like these “all by numbers” lessons. They have
their place, but obsessing about numbers is not the way forward in my book.

27G27G27 says:

I think the student was getting a bit confused by some of the numbers early
on in the lesson but they undoubtedly helped Mark come up with the swing
thought ‘solutions’ far more easily than by merely observing the shots and
resultant ball flight. A very impressive change made seemingly very easily.

It would be interesting if there was a follow-up video after the student
had played a couple of rounds to see if he’s getting on better now.

Michael Rolton says:

Fascinating video. Thanks Mark. Do you monitor how some (you couldn’t do
all) of your clients improve following your lessons? 

Foomba says:

I enjoy you discussing the many variables that affect a shot. Thanks.

sean craig says:

What’s the student’s handicap? He looks pretty good to start…

Tony Smith says:

‘You need to make golf as boring as possible, that’s how you get to scratch”
Just starting to realise that’s exactly right. Quite depressing really….

itubeutude says:

Are 3 hour lessons normal in the UK?

Steve Reed says:

Great work, amazing how fast the numbers can be moved but I’m assuming it
helps that he’s a better player

joe walsh says:

Mark, I absolutely love your logical interpretation of what the numbers
mean and how they relate to impact. I really wish you could be my swing

Jonathon Watson says:

@ dom blem totally agree with you, but like you said it cannot do any harm
to have a go and see what happens :)

inathaniel11 says:

These live lessons are my favorite videos. I have the same issues as this
gentleman and have worked forever on hitting a draw. Not a pull.

Joakim Fredriksson says:

Great vid guys, like others have said this is very helpful in giving us
some great tools to try out 

Chris Weatherall says:

“you’re done, goodbye” – lol. Good stuff Mark, more of these please.

peter guildford says:

That’s very interesting. I have a tendency to get my hands too low (toe
up), but I tend to push my shots! Can that be right?

Jerry Lawrence says:

I think it was the shaft Mark. Wrong kick point = wrong shaft. Haha

Dan Cowan says:

Loving these videos, nice to see a coach not trying to have everyone swing
the same 

Kevin mc donnell says:

love these

ohwhatafinish1 says:

3 hour lesson. Did you go to the pub for a pub lunch half way through?

StackSmart says:

Really enjoyed this Mark, more please

Steve Connolly says:

Just curious why not just flatten the lie of his irons and leave his swing

strada001 says:

Its physics and numbers are essential. This was brilliant. Thanks so much
for sharing Mark. 

Matthew Collins says:

3 hour lesson, crazy

ryan holcomb says:

more of these types of vids please.

Kenny Herbert says:

Alrite Mark, did I spy a new toy!?, Trackman maybe!?

alan moore says:

looks like a holiday in Devon for me next summer.

Stephane Gauthier says:

Loving those..

Maximilien Jacobs says:

titleist D3 vs cobra bio cell +

Jonathon Watson says:

Good stuff mark, loving these vids.

I suffer from a pull/over draw might try what you were saying about raising
the hands.

Keep up the good work!!

ryan holcomb says:

good stuff

ThePaulnewell says:

Trackman, Flightscope and GC2 in the teaching bay!!! MONEY!!

Andy M says:

Looks good. Im sure he will be quite consstant with what he has.

SuperMjc1987 says:

loving the live lessons!

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