Live golf lesson with a PGA professional

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Ricky Parker says:

I’m obsessed with studying your methods, great stuff. Thank you

Bruce Lowe says:

Love that face alignment drill….can already 'feel' what I should be doing from the couch! ?

Off to the course to try that…in the rain ??

Ian Matterson says:

Very insightful video, wish it was longer, great drill, could you do a follow up showing us how to place the rods, do the rods cross at the center of the body i.e under the belt buckle or , ball position.

Stuart Wright says:

Steve You talk about gear effect but holding an iron? I thought gear effect really only happened on the bulging curved faces of woods and hybrids?

Robert Allan says:

Stevie is this the way you teach all students?

H oggy29 says:

Great lesson from a top coach….. Cheers Stevie.

Alexander Thomson says:

They sat on sofas haha

Richard Marsh says:

What did couches do before flight scope ?

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