#LiveMyGolf USPGA

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andrew worsfold says:

Great video guys, very entertaining. Good to hear Mrs Parfield in the background. #MakeMyTea #SheDeservesAMedal

tatchy1001 says:

Lockey fully Callaway'd up now then? good man

Ed Stevens says:

As a loyal fan, had to watch but could only watch other people watching golf for so long!
You can tell a lot about someone from their office…bag full of drivers, yup, orphan clubs-lots of mags, yup…please explain the iron and naked doll on your desk…:)

Anthony Villa says:

Sing In the Air Tonight for us…..

sean craig says:

Is there such a thing as double ear bud connectors?

james bui says:

fun stuff guys.  i really enjoy the vids.  even have some buddies addicted to the vids now because i talk about it so much.  question:  i haven't seen too many, if any videos, regarding any mental aspects of the game.  in your vlogs, there are many moments where i'd like to see you guys discuss how you recover from bad shots/holes, or even maintain a good streak.  i have a problem currently where i shoot well on the front 9, and somewhat poorly on the back.  like +2 on the front, and +12 or +14 on the back.  i'm a 15 hcap.  most vids are regarding technique, but i hear and feel that a majority of golf is mental.  thx!  and keep up the awesome work.

Christian Kostakis says:

Jason my Day

Rob Logan says:

How about DJ's snowman on #1?  Talk about rotten luck!

Sammy Whammy says:

Ok I'm sorry to have to say this but……. Mark where were you in the year 2000 when Tiger Woods won all three except the Masters?Let me guess, you were too young to watch golf back then?  d;)

Jonathan Feeney says:

kneegate lol

G Muller says:

thanks for the shoutout

Paul Scheuer says:

Major sad that I didn't get to watch this yesterday live, but I'm such a fan that I'm watching it while at work today. Sad? Devoted? Both? Don't care. Love your content!

Congrats to Jason Day! Well deserved win for a class act!

andymacduff2 says:

Loving the golf room

Malcolm Powder says:

Gutted I missed this (was it 'advertised'?) but the live Q&A thing is really good (even if there is no golf on), maybe something to do again?

ajegray1 says:

massive congrats to Jason, not only a long time coming, but such a nice bloke for it to happen to!
ps the end got cut off?

Brad Hilditch says:

Gutted i missed out on this last night 🙁

AL's Take says:

What in the Callaway Lockey? Look at him all fancy.

amanda lambert says:

Dave Marr was pretty good player and a really great commentator for years.

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