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Time for insane GOLF TRICK SHOTS!
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Hank Hill says:

You guys should do a classroom stereotypes. 

Barack Obama says:

Video – Liked that
Comment – Posted that
Subribe – Did that
Yo mamma – Tapped that


But im not a rapper.

Will Russell says:

I was wondering if anyone heard Tyler drop the f-bomb at 4:07? I wouldn’t
imagine him doing that but I listened to it like 5 times and I heard the
same thing each time.

Henrik Winkler says:

Am i the only one who started thinking about I Am Legend when they were on
the ship?

Dnj1zzzz says:

You guys should put a GoPro on the golf ball so we can watch it as it goes!

Callaway Golf says:

400 yard drive off an aircraft carrier into a fishing net? Check
Smashing fruit/groceries in SUPER slow-mo? Check
250 yard drives into tiny kiddie pools? CHECK!

We teamed up with #DudePerfect & #JamieSadlowsk to create the ULTIMATE
Golf Trick Shot Video…Check it out and let us know what you think!

Meg Griffin says:

I think Jamie has been the panda all along

Tommy End says:

Dude Perfect, I would really appreciate it if you could check out my Dude
Perfect drawing on my username!!!! If you enjoy it, make sure to hit the
like button!

ReconFlowJoe says:

Did Tyler say fuck?!

Josh Kimmer says:

Track and Field trick shots.

WhiteArtsMagic says:

What they don’t show is how many times it took him to do most of those

Mista Z says:


Yash Shahi says:

Did anyone notice that at 4:07, 4:08 he said FUCK

Nicky Lobasso says:

They should do lacrosse trick shots with Paul Rabil 

phoebe dundass says:

hey dude perfect u should come to nz and do some cricket Trick Shots

Zangle says:

I love how everytime they hit a lucky shot they cheer their ass off. Like,
dude, stay chill man, cheering doesn’t make it seem as legit.

Toby Chan says:

did tyler swear when he was knocked out of the catching tournament?

fulton carmichael says:

This guy’s got skills Matt Madden will like it.

Sniper370 says:

3 things for an island. Cell Phone, Raft, Helicopter

nevswft says:

trickshots with the F2Freestylers would be sick!

Bishoy Youssef says:

do soccer trick shots pleassss

TLink Golf says:

Jamie Sadlowski and Dude Perfect take golf to a whole new level…

Jonah Dewing says:

Is it strange that I’ve been to all of the places they went to in this
video? And how the crap did they get to rent out the U.S.S Midway??

Vobolex says:

Can you make an episode in German?Badminton Trickshots!!
Sorry for my bad english…
Könnt ihr vieleicht für die deustchen Zuschauer (z.B. ich :~) ) eine Folge
in deutsch aufnehmen ? Wär ziemlich cool !!Als Sportart wär Badminton ganz
cool ! :~)

Scuzzy 100 says:

Thank you soo much Dude Perfect i was waiting for this video and it was
really amazing 

Winston Haywood says:

An absolute waste of Skittles

Bang Arang says:

how fucking rich are you? just casually getting some jetskis, a helicopter
and a massive ship

wasup82 says:

i live there. its pretty awesome

Daniel Zaslavchik says:

well thats the first time i heard fuck on this channal

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