Longest Drive Comp TaylorMade R1 Vs RBZ Stage 2

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Longest Drive comp between R1 and RBZ Stage 2 with Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach
Check out my reviews of the TaylorMade R1 here- http://youtu.be/3p3hVVm27NA
Review of the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 here http://youtu.be/9bbg35moHYI

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27G27G27 says:

Pretty poor video. Didn’t really tell us anything.

Scott Campbell says:

Your results are way off and your swing sux.

Tony C says:

The shots hit didn’t show equal swings. I want to see equal angles and
speeds. Like doing 10-20 each. Really doesn’t show much, unfortunately…
However, 18 vert compared to 13 vert got less rollout, and I noticed the
clubhead speed @ 108 got a higher ball speed from RBZ than the 113 on the
R1. Wonder if that had to do with the angle.

Daniel Hornung says:

2 different golf balls with 2 different clubs. So 2 independent variables
and only 3 trials each. We can’t really call these results statistically
sound! 😀 

patterson9398 says:

Hi Rick, Great videos, what is longest between RBZ stage 2 and Callaway X

jesse rodgers says:

u put that in a bottle. you got something sweeter than yoohoo

AJCgolf says:

Would it not make more sense to do it with your normal swing that you can
repeat more easily

Simon Hjelm says:

You can’t compare 3 good shots with 3 bad shots……

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Yes good idea!!! I will when I get chance

Mike Novak says:

Love the noise the ball makes coming off the club head even when you dont
make good contact still sounds like a great shot

sslocum1987 says:

you suck!!

JAYLOBB8 says:

ur smash factor is rubbish

Krankster83 says:

can I send you a KRANK driver to test Long Drive with against those clubs?

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

That’s a shocking takeaway for a pro, mate!

Miguel Alves says:

Doing this without mentioning the shafts you’re using on each driver is the
same as comparing numbers with letters.

Jack Sean says:

rick with your swing speed and distance you should be using x flex shafts
probaly perform better for you as well and great vid love these comparisons

Jake Hill says:

Did anyone notice he didn’t use the same type golf ball for both

Shinc0 says:

In that case your range probably sucks

MurphAA says:

Did you test the new R11s vs the other TaylorMade Drivers??

NovaScene says:

Cool video! More of this stuff

Harrison Lawrence says:

you sould do a nike vs callaway irons vid

griprip989 says:

RB(zed) love it. picking up my RB(zed) today now only $199.99. hitting a
ping k15 9.5 reg flex 291-295ish total dist according to the folks from
Bushnell. but im going straight to Horton Smith DR after i get my RB(zed).

MegaWillwright says:

can u test old rbz vs the new rbz? see if there is any improvements at all?

swizlestick says:

no you weren’t….

MurphAA says:

What shaft(s) were you using and what’s your typical driver swing speed??
You appear to be similar in size to myself may I ask your height and
weight? I could be off but I’m 5′ 10.5″ and 175lbs that can usually swing
in the 110-120 mph range with my driver but can get up to 130 when I swing
my hardest. I have a very high launch angle and can’t seem to find a
shaft/driver to keep me low any suggestions??

HD GUNZz says:

can you do a logest drive beetween rbz stage 2 and the nike covert thnx rick

Dan says:

Until Taylor Made gets into the Remax World longdrive championship in
Mesquite NV. They carry no weight in longdrive golf.

asfaf wfawf says:

that’s so far right… oh really? i’m suprised you can even catch a clean
hit with your hands flipping open at take-away

griprip989 says:

oh yeah sorry…GREAT VID!!

el060248 says:

What do you want? A cookie?

Johan Johansson says:

oh no, lock him up for life.

john metyk says:

Too subjective

jacob billeaud says:

Then again the rbz 2 has a longer shaft

theMANxGOLFER says:

Hope to see which performs the best out of all the 2013 driver line

Diego Diaz says:

Rick, any chance comparing the 913’s ? Thx

2005StangMan says:

and the same for using different shafts and balls. There’s no real
comparison here, different club heads, different shafts, different balls,
and much different speeds.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Yes another great idea! Watch this space!

Squirrel Leader says:

“I’m straight, really straight”

tony stephens says:

The difference is 1/2 inch. Everyone wishes they could add an inch…


I have a few problems with this test 1) if you notice the more he hits the
faster the swing and the faster the swing the worse the shot so a fair test
would be to switch off ever shot. 2) I’m not sure but from the flight it
looks like the r1 loft is to low compared to the stage 2.

Johan Johansson says:

you look like Ben Stiller. also, what shoes are they?

Zeuxify says:

Hi Rick, enjoyed this comparison. Thanks! Can you please do a RBZ stage 2
vs 913d2 vs Xhot vs Nike Covert longest drive competition? I’m sure all of
us will be very excited with this comparison.

jacob billeaud says:

could you do another comparison of the two but with two shafts that are the
same length and model? just so that the rbz stage 2 doesn’t have an
advantage with shaft length

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