Longest Drive Comp Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade R15

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Longest Drive Comp Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade R15
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See which is going to win this longest drive using GC2 and HMT at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester. The only rules! Long and on the fairway!

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matthewcrabbe says:

Love the simulated fw long drive challenges Rick! Keep up the good work, I
got all the boys here at work watching your videos.

Matthew Knott says:

So in conclusion the Srixon Z545 smashes them both with 297 carry

JeanLouis .L says:

Hey Rick. I was wondering if you could do a nike vapor pro driver vs the
titleist D3 please.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

The rules! Longest on the fairway!

Longest Drive Comp Titleist 915 D3 Vs TaylorMade R15

@Titleist @TaylorMadeGolf 

Phil Chabert says:

Titleist hit the nail on the head like never before with the 915 driver.
Simply awesome!

Ian Simcox says:

Following Pete’s lead on the Titleist eh?

Not going to be changing anytime too soon. I like my JPX EZ. There’s
certainly going to be some choices to make in a few years time when/if I do
make a change.

dan mackey says:

Hey Rick, great job on the reviews of the new drivers. Thanks. Question 1
What is your favorite driver of all the ones you have tried. Question 2
could you compare this years top drivers to stuff like the RBZ stage 2 

Baddmnkey1 says:

TM states for MAX distance, put the 2 sliding weights together. That could
make the R15 as long or longer then the 915 D3?
But then again the R15’s are built to 45.5″ vs the 915’s 45″ so R15 SHOULD
have been longer.
With that said I just purchased the R15 TP in Black, looks and feels great.

Michael Rolton says:

Sorry, here is Rick’s swing –
I had better give up on this YouTube lark.

Ben Clabaugh says:

Well the Titleist kinda took the round. Stop toeing the TM and maybe it
would have beaten it. My test will happen in Feb between these two and the
G30 and 815.

Simon Ho says:

Great vid rick. I’d be chuffed with an average of 295 yards!!! Sad to see
some comments are derogatory. I’m a fan of both yourself and mark
Crossfield, Pete finch and I follow me and my golf. I don’t get the fan
made rivalry? You’re all trying to help us play better! 

Justin Scheve says:

Another great video Rick. Keep using golf courses for your videos. They are
so much better than hitting into an empty range. I cannot wait to get the
Titleist 915 in my hands. I game the SLDR 430 TP and it gives me fantastic

hbyrdut says:

Does the titleist have a deeper face? All 3 drives with it were very low on
the face. I would agree with smashyourgolfhandicap about teeing it higher.
With the numbers you got with the titleist and that contact I would love to
see what numbers you would get with contact a little higher than center.

Diego Diaz says:

What if the TM was 9.5′ too ? Then what regarding result ?

Kevin Berry says:

great video, use titleist myself lovely clubs, and allways fantastic
quality, interested to beat the r15, rick when you get nike vapor, be
intersting to see review the new drivers and irons from nike, as looking
for new set next year, and loving what hearing so far about nike

Paul Reuten says:

too close to call from that session so to be fair you could do an off
centre duel to see which will actually play better. Nice to see you not
hooking the ball every other shot for a change. 

Scott Glennie says:

Hi Rick great stats with smooth swing speeds!! Just shows you that smooth
swinging combined with modern technology works great!! Lesson to learn for
most is don’t try and kill these clubs!! You will nearly always end up in

rory mcilroy says:

Is the feel of r15 harder than 915 ??

tuomas seppälä says:

Nice vid and gears Rick. Amazingly forgiving clubs. I noticed from your
GC2/HMT numbers there were strokes where the angles to path were open and
you’re nevertheless always drawing?

todd harrison says:

How about hitting the center of the face. Your numbers are all over the
place and aren’t comparable 

Martyn Murfitt-Wrather says:

Great video Rick! I switch my Titleist AP1 712’s for the SLDR Irons, and
they suit me perfectly – however, I think my driver upgrade from the
titleist 910D2 will be to the 915D2 – it is a awesome piece of kit!

Kenny Herbert says:

Looking forward to the next vlog to see which one you’re going to game &
we’ll also get to see if Peter goes for the length of the 915 or the
accuracy of the G30! ?

Tony Rock says:

Rick, Your accuracy and constant distance on the Titleist is killer. Not
just on this video. Your previous videos show it too 

DJfookid says:

is it just me or are 3 drives each not enough for these tests to mean

Aidan Devlin says:

Love the videos keep them up it’s my birthday on Nov 27th aka my tomorrow
and I am a junior golfer and I am wonder in your opinion what is the best
irons for junior if you read this please respond and thanks for the time

sean craig says:

Are both clubs 45″?

tully tull says:

Hey Rick,Love the Longest Drive Comp… How about about Bringing back the
reining champ,The Ping i25 driver….I don’t remember it ever losing….

SmashYourGolfHandicap says:

Great video Rick! Think with those low face hmt stats I would tee it up a
little bit more – love both of these drivers! I think you could be going
320 all day! SmashYourGolfHandicap

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

They are almost equal in distance and very long. One certainly gets more
options to adjust with the Taylormade though. I’m sliding to the SLDR.

Bobby Desjardins says:

Hi Rick, have you looked at your older Callaway X2 Hot carry numbers? I’m
curious to know what the total distance numbers would be. The longest
drives may have a new Champion…

Cian Lanigan says:

The 915 D3 is the best looking driver in a long while for me 

MahanFan1 says:

Thanks, Rick! Keep up the great work! This is very very close to be fair.
Perhaps the R15 took it on carry distance, which would be a more
significant metric, in my humble opinion.

Pete Dorr says:

Does the ball flight simulator software adjust carry distance based on if
the ball lands in the fairway vs rough?

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